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Sunday, February 20, 2011


Lots.. seriously lot's of thing happened - can't said it's bad thing because i learned a lot and trying to be tough -. This is just gonna be quick post.. and thank you for keep checking on my blog, will update ASAP ladies. ^^

Monday, February 14, 2011

KELAS DANDAN FD (REVIEW) - i'm being brutally honest :D

This kelas dandan (beauty class) is an annual event from FD. This year they got 3 categories, Make Up Playdate (like introduction to make up and how to use the tools), Intermediate ( Focusing on your eye make up for daily and party), Advanced ( Learn how to do other's make up, contouring shading of each type of face).
I personally wanna joint the Advanced class, but the timing wasn't right so i got myself enrolled in Intermediate class.

The venue was held in Tupperware House,in Kebayoran Baru Jakarta Selatan. I love the place, it was homey and colourful, also they got a nive garden in the back yard for just chilling and chatting with friends. The ballroom, where the event took place was not big but comfy enough for us.

The event was a bit late, because maybe it's hard to find the place for some people. Like me, i got my taxi driver ask for the direction twice because i'm not familiar at all with Jakarta's road and so was my taxi driver apparently haha... I meet some of FD member there, and mba Vanya and mba Lena (FD moderator). They're nice, and greeting us nicely. The other member that also joint this class, maybe they are old FD members they seems to know each other for a long time. It's kinda hard to communicate with them because they maybe use this event to greet each other and we're all focussing on the class. Too bad actually, because i was so excited to get to know other members. So we can share lots more about beauty not only in cyber world. But hey, i can always share and talk with them on thread :)
The intermediate class has 2 session because there's so many people enrolled and got to waiting list. And thanks to FD moderator, they held another session of this class so many people can learn too. Good job mba, waiting for another event to take place. I'm so in ^^

This class is about 3 hours, and each table were consist of 3-5 people and assist by make up artist from Adeline Team which mba Arty W. as the main speaker on the class is part of the team. Our table (me, novia, and citra) was assist by mba Fifi, she's great and our table was kinda fast (i don't know if this is a good thing or not, because i took a sneak peak on other's table and other make up artist is talking a lot, giving tips). But i learned a lot tho, and quite satisfied with the assistance of mba Fifi. And she is focussing more on citra and novi which i'm glad to see how she did their make up, i learned some techniques from how she did their make up. 
We were asked to bring our own make up stuff, but not really necessary (in our convenience) because the tools and make up products the make up artist already prepared for us. Mba Fifi give us tips on applying foundation, step by step make up (which first primer or base, etc), how to apply falsies and eye shadow also we can asked a lot and she was really patient in replying. I did my face for almost 10 years tho' so the question i asked is just confirming if my techniques already correct, i'm not saying i'm good don't get me wrong but i know my face already. If i joined advanced make up clas maybe i'm the most idiotic person in the room hahaha....
And i get used to did my make up in hectic situation sometimes i only got 5 or 10 minutes to get my face and hair done plus change outfit, so given a long time to make up i ended up watching others and i love it, how people turns from natural look to party look and dramatically transformed by just using falsies.
After the class was finished, there was a demo from Tupperware (which i have to apologize i didn't pay much attention because i was organizing back my stuff to my traincase :D), and doorprize yehaaa.... 6 question and prizes was given. I won two hair mask from Rudy Hadisuwarno ginseng and sunflower, anddd *drum roll* a KABUKI BRUSH courtesy of Juleha's Shop
not try this brush yet, but i touched it and it was so soft, i'm in love...
There was this stila smudge pot that i really really wants, but hey.. i already won one so have to let other to participate yeah :D *still thinking of those stila tho' hahahaa*

After the class finished, we went downstairs the moderators already prepare us some snacks and drinks. We also didn't have much time to chit chat because the second session is about to took place, and after drinking and saying good bye to other members we leave the place.

What i love about this event are :
  • It's an annual event, and the history of this event (told by mba Vanya is kinda great. The older Fd member wants to learn more about make up and they held this event on their own and let the moderators know so the moderators contacted Mr. Darwyn Tse -MAC Make up artist- to assist them), also there's saveral classes so you can improve your techiques each year and see how far you develop.
  • The speaker is so talented and master in their world, we're in good hands :)
  • The moderators are very friendly, and doing everything to make you comfy and make sure you got what you need. (ex, mba Lena lend us mirror because the one we bring wasn't big enough)
  • Checking on each member to see how this Kelas Dandan is usefull or not to each of us. And asking feedback, whether we're able to use this tips that we got daily.
  • Lots of doorprize :D
I can't say i didn't love this event, because in fact i'm so in to next event that FD will throw. But i'd like to :
  • Have more time to chit chat with other's member, which this is a huge possibility, mba Vanya told us not to hesitate if we're gonna do any event, FD will be happy to helped. I'm thinking of gathering and talked about fashion and make up from high fashion to products to cheat on (for us student's sometimes we can't afford those mio's clothes and bags), i'd like to make friends hehehe.. 
  • This Kelas dandan is so good, but after advanced class what else? It'll be nice if there's more possibilities, and i know FD's moderators already think of this, yes there'll be new members each years and people that have no clue to do their make up.But for us that already joined all of the class, please consider us and give us more to learn hehehe... maybe beauty class as contest? I'll leave it to the moderators hahaha..(other's event like those financial is great also tho') I just really looking forward to another event of FD :)
  • And maybe this Kelas Dandan can be held twice a year? Not become annually event anymore *i wish*
  • Also for outside Jakarta's members. I know some that really really wanna joint this event, is it a possibility in the future to throw this event outside Jakarta? We got sheLLey in Surabaya and Fifi in Yogyakarta, they can be speakers, they're so talented :) Just an idea tho' why not recreate the history, some members gathering and talk about FD and post it. 
Done rambling, time to show off *evil grin* (captured with Blackberry Javelin only)

Fresh from the oven -with flash

no flash still inside the class

after 3 hours, outdoor - with flash

no flash (sorry for the lips, just had lunch and lazy to touch up)

with flash

no flash

no flash
 The Make up artist only did my right eye shadow and eyebrow (your left side).
What did i used?  Except the Shu Uemura eyebrow pencil that i wore on my right eyebrow and stippling brush for finishing, also Bobbi Brown rouge pot for my lips, everything else is my own stuff, because i wanna create the look with affordable products of my own. Because i can't wear hers everyday if i wanna do my make up unless i rob her hahaha... and i can't afford those line yet :) she uses Make Up Forever and Bobbi Brown a lot, almost everything is Make Up Forever.

This is the exact step that she teach us, what first to do!
Face :
clinique moisturizer
maybelline bb cream followed by PAC creamy foundie no 4
coastal scent concealer for under eye
marcks loose powder in creme

Eyes :
pixy pencil eyeliner in black
falsies (apply with eye putti glue)
eyebrow pencil (shu uemura and inez) click here for detail, why i used both
inez eye shadow
inez eye liner pencil in white for my water line - i added this on my own, i like it this way
evany senses mascara in black for my lower lashline - i added this on my own

Lip :
Bobbi Brown rouge pot -forgot the shade, sorry

Tools :
sponge for foundie
for concealer i used my finger
elf defining eye shadow brush
coastal scent brush for contouring the nose
unbranded lip brush
curler for my lashes before i apply falsies

Thank You for keep reading, feel free to ask or comment or anything. See you around fabulous ladies ^^

Battle of Shu Uemura Eyebrow Pencil and Inez Eyebrow Pencil (both brown)

Steal or splurge?

Hey ladies, this is not really a review but just a quick analyzing of eye brow pencil. Since it's kinda tricky to find an eye brow pencil that match with your hair color and shade of your skin (i just found my Holy Grail eye brow pencil last month after trial and error for saveral years). You can do your eye brow with your eye shadow too tho' but i'm LAZY i wanna do my face with minimize tools :D

I didn't own this Shu Uemura eye brow pencil tho' i use it today when "FD Beauty Class" event took place today, gonna be another post about this event. That's gonna be a review :)
inez eyebrow pencil looks like
shu uemura eyebrow pencil
(Open the link to see how this eyebrow pencil looks like :D)

Take a look and tell me what you think :)

left : Shu Uemura - right : Inez
Sorry for the un-balance shape of brows :D
Note : after applying these eyebrow pencils, i blend it with eyebrow brush only.. didn't add any eyeshadow to my eyebrow as usual :)

Shu Uemura
no flash out door (after 3 hours of using)
If i have $23 i will totaly spend it for MAC fix or a good foundation instead, not gonna spend $23 for just one eyebrow pencil... So i'm HAPPY with my inez eyebrow pencil :D just cost me $3.

Shu Uemura
Pros : Very natural, match my shade and hair perfectly, soft and easy to apply (you can go back and forth when drawing), long lasting also, blend well after saveral hours.
Purchase : NO

Pros : Cheap, Texture is a bit hard but that's how i prefer my eyebrow pencil, Easy to find in any cosmetic stores, last even in hot weather where you can sweat a lot it's not faded.
Cons : Well... you can only goes one way, draw your eyebrow in one side, if you do both side it will look too dark.
Repurchase : hundred percent YESS

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Missin you ladies so much.. ^^
I just had a super fabulous trip but exhausting at the same time (will tell about it later).. so tonight i'm just gonna do quick post. And give you guys a peek to my recent haul. I bought it one by one, not all in the same time. On budget, remember? LOL...

Elf all over stick in Toffee
Elf all coloring blush *forgot the shade, will edit later*
Elf blush in Shy
Elf bronzer in Cool
Elf brushes - defining eye brush and blending brush

This is only half of the stuff that i ordered, most of them were OOS (Out Of Stock), i'm waiting for another Group Order for this brand (ELF), i'm totally in love with them. The tube on the top right side is DAISO mask, i haven't try all of them yet.. Just the brushes and bronzer also the all over color stick. Will review later :)
NYX cream blushes in Boho Chic and Diva
Coastal Scent brushes - forgot the type :p sorry...

I decided to try on cream blush on, and was ROOTING for the TOPSHOP nutmeg  cream blush on. But my friend couldn't find it when she was in Singapore. So i'm looking for some alternative, and luckily my FD friend pinkyrose sell some of her preloved items, so i got this two cream blush on from NYX for just $10 (include shipping to my house) plus she gave me bonus NYX eyebrow pencil in Brown. So freakin love this cream blush on, gonna try some more from other brand, any reccomendation ladies?
Indonesian Brands except the maybelline
INEZ loose eyeshadow, now i got all the shade of this loose powder blue-green-pink-silver minus the red one (bought the gold one in the past couple of month)
PAC creamy foundation in shade no.4 and 11
Maybelline volumn express in black
Sari Ayu Mujizat Tolak Jerawat (for acnes)
Eye Putti falsies glue
MYLEA hair spray *i love the scent*
Morisse Falsies in no 11
Sari Ayu cream foundation in Kuning Langsat (for yellow tone), Kuning Gading (for pinkish skintone), Sawo Matang (for darker tone)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New BAbieS (Read : DIGICAM) is coming soon ^^ + rambling

Hey ladies, since everyone seriously EVERYONE is complaining about the quality of the pics and the voice in my youtube channel, i sure realize that i NEED proper tool to do things right.
I'm saving guys, as you guys know my budget ran out for those gorgeous outift n outer wear also make ups, literally i have no savings hahaha...

I wish i'm as lucky as some of you that got someone buy it for you :p like my favourite beauty guru, or some of my friends that got it as present from parents and so on... Since i'm on my own (really, i can't ask for that to my folk they're gonna kill me :p) i've been saving, not much but enough to buy a proper digicam, i'm gonna cut my expenses tho' so no more haul for me till couple of months later, but i'm not complaining.. just happy finally i can save up for something i really want and NEED for this past 2 years.

It's a funny story tho' i always put my priority on other things before, and put aside this digicam.. but can't do that no more. Got so much to catch up, and my ideas been blocked since i don't have proper tools. But as soon as i get back to Bandung, i'm gonna buy it, and start doing step by step of my make ups and introduce you guys to my favourite, and basically just rambling :D *i'm sucker at this, i love rambling*
Note this ladies, i have no guts to proclaim myself as a beauty guru or naming my video "make up tutorial", since i got no proper education on make up just yet, i just doing make up because i like it, and i love how people transform with make up and fashion. So let's just called it sharing :)

Lots of things happened lately, ah... not gonna bored you ladies with detail let's just simply said that my life is at the lowest point right now, the only thing that still can put a smile on my face is my dad, and this passion of beauty. Just wish me well, will simply made my day...

Anyway here's what i really really like because it's dual LCD that gonna make me easier to look at the pictures and doing videos, but way over my budget hiks...(still got lots bills to pay)...
Maybe just gonna end up with this one instead, less than $100.. OK fine.... LESS THAN $70 :p Let's just hope this will do yah, i don't wanna end up all my saving for one stuff :)
Can't wait to go back to Bandung to get this... Wait up, gonna be A LOT post and videos.. it's been postponed for so long already, thank you for keep reading and stay fabulous!

PS : It's almost 3 years and nothing i can do more, i give up... so long 'another chapter of my life' for this pas 3 years  i really hope you will be and is 'my epilog'... Wish you well with the choices you made, life will be good to you, i know so...


I was born in Pematangsiantar, North Sumatra, Indonesia. Being raised surrounded by Batak culture made me very loud :D in a good way, we got a nice culture mix and of course the heaven of culinary experience.
My mom and dad open a small restaurant in Parapat, Lake Toba about 1 hour driving from Pematangsiantar, i got used to go back and forth every weekend from Parapat-Pematangsiantar because we lived in Parapat and i went to school in Pematangsiantar, my dad were so sweet driving me every week, he doesn't have the heart to send me back with public transport, which is not very convenient for a girl young age to travel with.

Anyway, just a sneak peak of my life let's have a tour on my hometown, and my home...

last holiday with my sister and my niece, just laying around the beautiful beach of Lake Toba

my daily routine, watching the register

my restaurant on the first day of Lunar

Lunch Time, hectic :)

one of public transport in Pematangsiantar, becak

my tiny ferry boat, i loveee touring with this boat, it faster than other similar boat, my dad got it custom made

my angel, her smile brighten my day.. miss her a LOT
the view from the third floor of my house :) on the front the house that look abandoned was my house it got burned down, some Indonesian restaurant neighbour accidentally set the fire :(

Lunar New Year Family Dinner

Warning : I'm not a good photographer, it may not seem yummy but trust me... it taste mmmm....

It's a tradition for family gathering and dine together on the Lunar new year's eve. As always @ 7 PM we sit and had our dinner, while my restaurant is still open. Yes, we also open on holiday, because it's the most peak season of the year. Hopefully this year will bring us more luck, health, prosperity, and everything good. Happy Lunar New Year for those who celebrate and happy holiday for who doesn't ^^

My favourite meal is " Pecking Duck", i don't know why, it just taste yummy, plus it has meat and mushroom and egg also pork :D fill inside the tummy of the duck. I'm drolling just to mention it.
The whole meal...
5 dishes and one vegetarian noodles i forgot to took the picture ;p

mushroom veggie

bak kien *dunno what's the english name*

Shark's Fin Soup - it's kinda pricey but so WORTH the price

pecking duck... when nobody touched it yet

Fish belly bean sauce *spicy yummy*
me :"dad, look here" dad:"hmm..." *chewing :s *

let's eatt
My dearest mom cook the whole dishes. She and my dad complete each other skill when it come's to food. My dad and my mom's very good chef, they both got it from experience, but will tell about you ladies later..
Enjoy, and feel free to drop any comment ^^

My brother eyelashes... IT'S NOT FAKE *envy*

Quick post...
Just wanna show you guys, my brother eyelashes. When we were babies, my mom do this trick. She cut off our eyelashes while we're sleeping, some people said it'll make our lashes become more long. And apparently it did, but the result may be different on people, mine just got extra length, my brother got the extra curl, and one baby that i know, she got both..
Wanna see?

how can you not envy this lashes :s

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Some old make over...

Finally i can find myself a nice connection to log in... OMG the internet connection here sucks like grandma running wearing high heels :D

I found this old picture.. since you guys know, i'm already at my hometown -beautiful Lake Toba, in North Sumatra, Indonesia- it seriously hard to find internet access and others, kinda stressed me out. Don't get me wrong, the view is to die for, the air is so fresh that can hurt your -usually breathe in polluted air- lungs, the people are so nice, but the city accomodation kinda lame. We only got one bank here, no atm (well.. there's but it's out of service more than we can use it), money changer, one very small clinic, the goverment need to improve more seriously.
Enough rambling about that, let's just get you ladies to pictures :D

*photo's courtesy of Jessie M. (love you girl)

BEFORE - i took her recent holiday pic, because i heart miss Eiffel so much :D
She's one of my dearest chorister.. we sing in a lot of concert and competition together... i always love her passion and she's goofy also.. can makes you laugh in instant! Sometimes we argue for something silly and settle it down right away.. we both love to eat and get pretty... haha.. like every girl does.


meet and greet session after the concert

after rehearsal before we changed and rock the stage
Don't asked you know it's local brand mixture between Sari Ayu and PAC and of course my favourite Inez hahaha....

Will try to keep updated ladies, wish all of you that celebrate a very prosperity year in this GOLDEN RABIT year... Gong Xi Fa Chai.... Sen Thi Cien Khang... Wan Se Ju I!!!