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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Some old make over...

Finally i can find myself a nice connection to log in... OMG the internet connection here sucks like grandma running wearing high heels :D

I found this old picture.. since you guys know, i'm already at my hometown -beautiful Lake Toba, in North Sumatra, Indonesia- it seriously hard to find internet access and others, kinda stressed me out. Don't get me wrong, the view is to die for, the air is so fresh that can hurt your -usually breathe in polluted air- lungs, the people are so nice, but the city accomodation kinda lame. We only got one bank here, no atm (well.. there's but it's out of service more than we can use it), money changer, one very small clinic, the goverment need to improve more seriously.
Enough rambling about that, let's just get you ladies to pictures :D

*photo's courtesy of Jessie M. (love you girl)

BEFORE - i took her recent holiday pic, because i heart miss Eiffel so much :D
She's one of my dearest chorister.. we sing in a lot of concert and competition together... i always love her passion and she's goofy also.. can makes you laugh in instant! Sometimes we argue for something silly and settle it down right away.. we both love to eat and get pretty... haha.. like every girl does.


meet and greet session after the concert

after rehearsal before we changed and rock the stage
Don't asked you know it's local brand mixture between Sari Ayu and PAC and of course my favourite Inez hahaha....

Will try to keep updated ladies, wish all of you that celebrate a very prosperity year in this GOLDEN RABIT year... Gong Xi Fa Chai.... Sen Thi Cien Khang... Wan Se Ju I!!!

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