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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Make Over - Jessie Jugi (JJ's) Prewedding

Long postponed pictures..

Forgot what i used on her face, because i did several times of changing make up. It's her prewedding, and we got lots of fun doing this project. They are both very funny, and it's just a heart warming experience watching love birds, agree? :)

Outdoor location is Anyer Beach in Banten, and Kota Tua In Jakarta also a friend studio.

They come with a cute concept, they want their prewedding pictures to be funny and show their personality. Which pretty much explaining their individual character, funny, expressive and caring. It's been different than other prewedding that i did in my entire career, usually couple wants the romatic or certain look ex : 60 look, dolly or even fantasy. Their prewedding pretty much not differ in location, but in concept they're funny.
Just take a look at the picture with only eyes, aren't they adorable..

And thanks a lot for the opportunity guys, it's been my honour working with you! Your ever after journey, begins now..... XOXO

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Short Video about UDPP and Aubeau

Steal or Splurge, Eyeshadow base (approx. US$ 3 Aubeau VS US $20 UDPP)

I've been wanting to do this since last week, but so busy and kinda forget. Today somehow it cross my mind. Sadly, the video that i recorded take forever to upload (thanks to my super slow internet connection) and being an "idioTech" is not helping at all since i don't know how to edit my video. Took about 130mins to upload 2mins video, and you guys can imagine how long it takes to upload 13mins video :(
So i only got the chance to show you ladies the pictures just yet.

I posted a lot of FOTD using this Aubeau eyeshadow base already if you ladies, wanna see the appearance and more precise pictures using this base, please check my FOTD :)
And for the legendary UDPP, i think i don't have to re-introduce you ladies, since everybody must already know what is it...

left : Aubeau - right : UDPP

NO FLASH - left : Aubeau base with Pixy - right : UDPP with Zero

WITH FLASH - Both eyeshadow is from UD Show Pony
My today look is natural, since i only got one gig for the day... choir rehearsal. On some picture the gradation of the eyeshadow color is un-balance, i did explain it on the other video tho' why is that, because once again i have unbalance lid, and that's the only way to do both my eyes so it looks a bit balance when opened.

left : UDPP - right : Aubeau
see the stain on my left lower lash line? L: Zero - R : Pixy

upper lash line both using pixy liquid eye liner
left side UDPP

right side : Aubeau

after 5 hours

same staying power
left : UDPP
right : Aubeau
On to the product :

LT Pro cream foundation shade yellow orange to conceal under eye
PAC creamy foundation no 04
Revlon loose powder in light

UDPP and Aubeau as base
UD Show Pony
UD Zero and Pixy eye liner pencil in black
Pixy liquid eyeliner for upper lash line
Inez eyebrow pencil in dark chocolate
Maybelline VE Mascara

ELF al over color stick in pink lemonade

Napoleon Perdis limited edition lipgloss on rapsberry

Oriflame travel kit eyeshadow brush
Masami shouko blending brush
Pink CS due fiber stippling brush
Pink baby kabuki from Make Up Tool


Pro's : Make the eyeshadow not creasing whatsoever, easy to dry.
Con's : Has a bit shimmer on it *not match with my personal taste*, not as creamy as i thought *i prefer my base to be a bit creamy*, not available locally which made it very hard to get and expensive ($24 for the original price and plus shipping to my house it's approx. $30), when applied on the lower lash line there's a certain stain so have to be very careful blending it when it comes to lower lash line.
Repurchase : NOPE

Pro's : available locally, cheap (less than $3), huge 10 gr compare to my UDPP (comes in set with the UD Show Pony which only 3.75 ml), a bit creamy but easy to apply just like when using moisturizer, didn't give stain on lower lash line, easy to dry, not making the eyeshadow creasing.
Con's : nothing really, i love this base - totally my HG for base.
Repurchase : Heelll yeah sista :D

Not being rude or anything, it's just i don't find this UDPP as magic as everyone said. It pretty much the same, and give the same result with cheaper product, maybe i used it wrong? Please let me know if any other way in using this UDPP, i'll be happy to explore. Thank you for keep reading and have a nice day :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

FOTD - Celeb Inspired

Lately in my forum, the gals love playing "inspired by" make up. Of course this is fun... oh i got to see how they play with their look, made our forum more colourful this month. We got hanna with "The Legend" Liz Taylor look and andriani with her leopard eyes look oh... lots more... To be honest, i don't have their creativity, but i do loves playing with my babies... And this FOTD is inspired by them, of course i gotta have a muse. And my muse for today's look is Rihanna, why? I love her pixie hair cut, but don't have the guts to cut it of just yet...

BOLD EYELINER and COLOURFUL LIPSTICK, not too hard to steal her look hm....

I figure, once you have a mind setting of certain look it's not really that hard to pull it together. Today because this is my first trial of doing FOTD - celeb inspired, i choose the easiest one :D which happens to my favourite thing lately, bold eyes and colourful lipstick. I read on Marie Claire Magazine, bold lipstick is so IN for 2011 SPRING, and the icon is ORANGE lipstick. Couldn't wait to get mine arrived *yes yes... i did order those lipstick online already :D*

For you that wanna play with bold eyeliner also.... I put some step by step, enjoy!

 I'm applying a darker shade of TWC for this look, and i wet the sponge. So the TWC not gonna break out on my face *using LT PRO TWC shade DD 03)
Then i contour my cheek with NYC bronzer and pink tapered brush from MUS
Contour the nose also using doe foot brush by Coastal Scent *i used LT PRO Powder Blush no 08*
Now on to eyes, i apply gold color from 88 Coastal Scent Palette with a small fluffy brush on the crease and lid, just to add more drama *the one on the bottom right at the corner*
Then on to the colourful eye shadow *i used inez loose eye shadow in blue, apply with sealer - i used my eye drop- and wet the top of angled brush on to the eye shadow*
After draw a thick liner on the upper lashes, start doing the black eyeliner on the lower lash line with another angled brush *i used etude black gel eye liner*
To prevent smudging, add the same color eye shadow to set your eye liner, i used blue eye shadow from Coastal Scent for upper lash and black eye shadow also from Coastal Scent for lower lashline
I used Inez pink lipstick - Since this is the most bright color in my lipstick collection. I thought this is more wearable for day look, what do you think? 

On to pictures spam :D

Monday, March 28, 2011

FOTD : Party Purple Look - Can You Tell if I'm Wearing Falsies or Not? :D

Since i cheated a lot with my SA eye shadow palette 25 years edition, today i was in the mood for playing with another baby my CS 88 shimmering palette. As always turns out a bit different from the look that i wanna create, natural purple. But i think it treated my uneven lid pretty good.
For you ladies, that already getting sick of my teal/greeney look :D

guess : with or withour falsies :D
I did wear falsies, the one from this post I think i'm in love... and since my friends order another pair, i'm curious... will wait for your FOTD sheLLey :D
This is the third times using this falsies, it clean up pretty descent, i must say! I used baby oil to clean up the stain of the eye lash glue and mascara.
And also with my favourite way to wear falsies, you can read it here. You barely can't see where my original lashes and fake ones, it blend together nicely and create a natural look for eyes.

No Flash
Some friend said my face was too bright on FOTD, hm.. any suggestion on "how to take your make up pictures" for Canon Ixux 105? Since i'm such an idiotech.. did try the table lamp solution and taking pics without flash with this camera, but it looks awful. So i'm open to suggestion, help? :D

With Flash

Fanbo TWC in natural

Inez b/o in autumn rose

Inez eye brow pencil in dark chocolate
CS palette
SA duo e/l n mascara
Fake lashes T 217

Inez l/s in terracota

Friday, March 25, 2011

Loving The Perfect Imperfection - Purple FOTD with Sari Ayu 25 Years Editon and Sari Ayu Cream Foundation in Kuning Langsat

I have UNEVEN and HOODED lid :D
Makes, me go crazy if i wear more than 2 colors of eyeshadow for my eyes, but it's boring to wear just one color, i mean oh that will be unfair to all those palettes right *evil grin*.
Well when wearing one neutral color it's not too obvious, like some said i blend well, but when i want a bit of colourful look on my eyes, here comes the trouble. I'm working on it tho' and so far i have to say i end up with LOVING it... What to do? Having a surgery, oh mama no :D

Today i decided to play along with purple... and other shade of cream foundation - Sari Ayu Cream Foundation in Kuning Langsat, gotta say this one looks better on my face, not whitey whitey like yesterday FOTD

Do you ladies have the same problem with me, and how you deal with your hooded and uneven lid... Please do share, i'd like to improve my skills. Thank You.. 
And now, on to pictures SPAM hehehe...

No Flash
see see.. my jawline and my face not really different
the right eyes is helpless, see the double lid :s
love my lashes
 With Flash
in front of my room
Sari Ayu cream foundation in kuning langsat
NYC bronzer
marcks loose powder in creme

Sari Ayu 25 years edition eyeshadow palette (brown for crease and lower lashline and purple on the lid)
NYX eyebrow pencil in brown
Sari Ayu duo eyeliner and mascara

Red A lipstick no 608

CS duo fibre for cream foundation
ELF powder brush for loose powder
unbranded angle brush for lower lashline and eye brow
masami shouko - blending brush
CS pencil brush for crease
ELF angle eyeshadow brush for lid

Cream Foundation Routine

I'm in never ending search of my soulmate, yes.. i'm talking about foundation that fits my shade. It'll be a looong journey, but i'm not giving up, YET. LOL...
It's just i finally found a perfect way (FASTEST) to applying them :)

My bare face- after toner and moisturizing lotion
I dipped the head of the CS duo fiber brush into the foundie jar
Apply the brush with circular motion to get a flawless finish look
After finish with the cream foundation
I apply the loose powder after with my pink brush from MUS
Start from the hairline and then blend it inward
This is the finish look
See my point? Yeah, it's a never ending search :) i look so white hihihihi...

But i got a life saver, my bronzer - applied with MUS brush too... makes my skin a little sunkissed look, instead of white...
Can see the difference? I hoped you can...
And FOTD (again with green, i hoped you guys don't get sick of this color just yet, bear with me ladies hehe..)

Face :
LT Pro cream foundie in yellow orange
Marcks loose powder in creme
LT Pro PB no 04
Inez eyebrow pencil in dark chocolate

Eyes :
Sari Ayu 25 years edition
Pixy liquid eye liner in black
Sari Ayu duo mascara and eyeliner

Lips :
Napoleon Perdis lipgloss in watermelon