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Friday, March 25, 2011

Loving The Perfect Imperfection - Purple FOTD with Sari Ayu 25 Years Editon and Sari Ayu Cream Foundation in Kuning Langsat

I have UNEVEN and HOODED lid :D
Makes, me go crazy if i wear more than 2 colors of eyeshadow for my eyes, but it's boring to wear just one color, i mean oh that will be unfair to all those palettes right *evil grin*.
Well when wearing one neutral color it's not too obvious, like some said i blend well, but when i want a bit of colourful look on my eyes, here comes the trouble. I'm working on it tho' and so far i have to say i end up with LOVING it... What to do? Having a surgery, oh mama no :D

Today i decided to play along with purple... and other shade of cream foundation - Sari Ayu Cream Foundation in Kuning Langsat, gotta say this one looks better on my face, not whitey whitey like yesterday FOTD

Do you ladies have the same problem with me, and how you deal with your hooded and uneven lid... Please do share, i'd like to improve my skills. Thank You.. 
And now, on to pictures SPAM hehehe...

No Flash
see see.. my jawline and my face not really different
the right eyes is helpless, see the double lid :s
love my lashes
 With Flash
in front of my room
Sari Ayu cream foundation in kuning langsat
NYC bronzer
marcks loose powder in creme

Sari Ayu 25 years edition eyeshadow palette (brown for crease and lower lashline and purple on the lid)
NYX eyebrow pencil in brown
Sari Ayu duo eyeliner and mascara

Red A lipstick no 608

CS duo fibre for cream foundation
ELF powder brush for loose powder
unbranded angle brush for lower lashline and eye brow
masami shouko - blending brush
CS pencil brush for crease
ELF angle eyeshadow brush for lid