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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Not so called, Beauty!

Today, i went to a police station. I have to report for some missing important documents, such as bank book. Because my wallet's missing and unfortunately my bank book also missing (i think when i was still living in the old house) and i can't withdraw my money if i'm don't have a statement from the police.

After my new ID arrived yesterday, today i can finally go to the police station to report. But guess what, when i arrived there... there's only two officer on the station, tv is on... and one is sleeping, the other is making out with a girl. Really they're cuddling and laughing, which i think it was sweet, IF THEY'RE NOT DOING IT WHILE HE'S STILL ON DUTY!!!!!

I knocked at the door, and this un-believable girl just stare at me. Didn't even feel sorry that i caught her making up with that officer. My my.. i keep knocking, and he was like in shock and you can tell it from his face that he feel sorry that someone caught him in not the proper situation.

Finally i asked can i get a report done here, he said can but the officer that was assigned to this are out somewhere. And suggest me to go to other police station, i asked, why he can't do it. He said that, HE WAS ONLY ASSIGNED IN THE STATION TODAY, bottom line he's on duty and making out? I totally got nothing personal with police officer, but what a shame one stain can ruin a whole basket of milk.

I'm not saying anything anymore, i'll let you guys decide.... Have a nice day, and take a good care of your belonging ladies :)


  1. paraah banget siiihhh si polisinyaa.. ^^

    aku juga pernah tuh keilangan dompet, trus pas lapor kondisinya mirip gitu juga, tv is on, para polisi lagi leyeh2 berkaus dalem depan tv.
    well, aku reportnya habis magrib sih, langsung setelah kehilangan, dan sendirian, ga ditemenin siapa2
    sialnya, pak polisinya malah tepe2 sama aku. curiga nih dia minta nomer telpon demi kepentingan laporan atau pribadi yaaa
    hehehehe... maap jadi curcol^^
    my point is, waktu itu aku malah ngerasa ga 'safe' sama sekali, padahal aku di kantor polisi! don't they supposed to protect and serve yaa??

  2. guess what darling.. kemaren aku ke kantor polisi yang lebih gede.. tau mereka lagi ngapain, ngegodain SPG kopi *XXX susu*. Di ruangan itu penuh ama spg2 dan cecentilan... pas aku bilang mau lapor kehilangan, yang satu sih baik.. bilang oh iya mba dibantu sama bapak itu yah.. pas gue ke mejanya *which is lagi banyak spg2 itu* dia malah ketawa2 dan ngomong.. "ok, waktunya pelayanan ntar disambung lagi, jangan pergi dulu"
    WHAT? i'm speechless... sudahlah yah... dinikmatin aja prosesnya, yang pasti i've learnd my lesson, to take a good care of my belongings :)

  3. and i'm sorry u have to have a bad experience also with them... *hug*

  4. iya nih mada, kita jadi tau ya apa sebenernya kerjaan para polisi itu kalo lagi di markas
    hiksss.. pantes aja makin banyak yang ga percaya sama polisi

    u take good care of yourself yaaa...
    *big hug*