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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

FOTD - Celeb Inspired

Lately in my forum, the gals love playing "inspired by" make up. Of course this is fun... oh i got to see how they play with their look, made our forum more colourful this month. We got hanna with "The Legend" Liz Taylor look and andriani with her leopard eyes look oh... lots more... To be honest, i don't have their creativity, but i do loves playing with my babies... And this FOTD is inspired by them, of course i gotta have a muse. And my muse for today's look is Rihanna, why? I love her pixie hair cut, but don't have the guts to cut it of just yet...

BOLD EYELINER and COLOURFUL LIPSTICK, not too hard to steal her look hm....

I figure, once you have a mind setting of certain look it's not really that hard to pull it together. Today because this is my first trial of doing FOTD - celeb inspired, i choose the easiest one :D which happens to my favourite thing lately, bold eyes and colourful lipstick. I read on Marie Claire Magazine, bold lipstick is so IN for 2011 SPRING, and the icon is ORANGE lipstick. Couldn't wait to get mine arrived *yes yes... i did order those lipstick online already :D*

For you that wanna play with bold eyeliner also.... I put some step by step, enjoy!

 I'm applying a darker shade of TWC for this look, and i wet the sponge. So the TWC not gonna break out on my face *using LT PRO TWC shade DD 03)
Then i contour my cheek with NYC bronzer and pink tapered brush from MUS
Contour the nose also using doe foot brush by Coastal Scent *i used LT PRO Powder Blush no 08*
Now on to eyes, i apply gold color from 88 Coastal Scent Palette with a small fluffy brush on the crease and lid, just to add more drama *the one on the bottom right at the corner*
Then on to the colourful eye shadow *i used inez loose eye shadow in blue, apply with sealer - i used my eye drop- and wet the top of angled brush on to the eye shadow*
After draw a thick liner on the upper lashes, start doing the black eyeliner on the lower lash line with another angled brush *i used etude black gel eye liner*
To prevent smudging, add the same color eye shadow to set your eye liner, i used blue eye shadow from Coastal Scent for upper lash and black eye shadow also from Coastal Scent for lower lashline
I used Inez pink lipstick - Since this is the most bright color in my lipstick collection. I thought this is more wearable for day look, what do you think? 

On to pictures spam :D


  1. woaaa mada, youre so gorgeus!!! i love that lipstik! LT pro no 08 ya? dicatet!

  2. cakeeep birunya mada!!! biru gitu pas banget di skin tone mu :) lipennya juga cakep xx

  3. mada, baguuuss... bener2 jadi wearable day look. apalagi pake baju itu ^^
    naksir loose eyeshadow birunya dehh...
    eh itu inez pink lipstiknya apa? bukan teracota kan?

    hanna, lt pro 08 bukannya blushnya ya :D

  4. Thanks my dear muse ^^

    @ hana : LT pro no 08 itu shadingnya, si pink lipsticknya inez, tp gak tau namanya apa, stempelnya ilang :p

    @andriani : keknya matching jg ama bajunya yak, gak sadar.. soalnya ngelenongnya pas udah pulang ke rumah, iseng2 terinspirasi kalian2 lah... *bencong gak kreatip* :D

    @poo : itu dia mak, sticker bawah yang ada tulisan nama lipsticknya ilang, jd gak tau itu namanya apa, warna pink aja :D

  5. OMG .. cakep banget yang ini Madaaaaa
    Lo bagus pake biru dan ijo neng :D

  6. @jule : aw... *bersemu pink* bwahahaha... udah mirip rihanna blm mak? *berharap dilempar beauty blender selusin* bwahahahahahahaha... thanks darling...

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