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Monday, March 21, 2011

Unforgetable Saturday Night!

congrats kemal and anesh
 MY OTHER BFF was the wedding singer

me - niko - ayu
How often do you see a bride dancing and singing in the rain (mind, this is Indonesia *we have a very strict tradition for a wedding* lots of ritual and elder to be respect of)
With volare as background music, shake that booty baby :)

After the wedding reception is over at 9 PM, we run to the other gig, MAMMAMIA Musical Drama (Niko and Mo is the show director), and that was my first musical drama experience. I was so happpy... pampered my ear with those music and performance, not to mention some shocking addition. Well, i'll let the picture talks to you guys :)

my fave scene
BONUS... i actually can't fidure why untill now they add this hunks on stage :p

The after show dancing, this mama surely own the dance floor... BRAVA!

niko and her salsa muse - Dona
Me, just being silly and happy in front of the huge banner :D

Grown Up Club (well, just 3 of us the others can't joint) with BubuKyaKhai
Firly a.k.a Dita Von Tesse, me, Niko, BubuKyaKhai
After watching the show, we end the night with eating at CeuMar. Niko's been craving for the spicy food and delicious fries... Ah, can't wait for our next meeting guys. Love you!!!


  1. madaa.. seksi sekalii.. I love it!
    pajang2 fotd sama ootdnya doong
    hair-do nya juga maniss.. digelung kecil yaa? ^^

  2. thanks dear.... udah aku posting tuh si detil gaun, well make up-nya biasa.... gak ng blend bener... secara buru2 dandannya... hair do-nya asimetris cepol gitu, sayang gak ada foto rambutnya :(