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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Knock Knock... I'm Knocking Right At Your Humanity Terrace..

Donation for Febriyanto, UNDIP CHOIR Project Manager that hospitalized in Vietnam during Choir Competition

Hallo gorgeous ladies, how many times did we ever ever wish to make the world's a better place for living. Ok, i'm writing this phase with tears on my eyes. I posted a link, about one Indonesian student that got hospitalized in Vietnam after their participation in a Choir Competition there, they won and sadly when Indonesian's Flag was rise and the member proudly sang "Indonesia Raya" - our National Anthem- he has to fought for his life, that time. He only got one family member left, his mom which has no fund at all even to fly to Vietnam.
The rest of the choir member already arrived in Indonesia, but Febri still hospitalized.
This is one of the things that i can do, and i surely hope we can do something about this. If we can't give money, at least we pray and spread the news so maybe other's can help also. From little thing comes the big thing, agree?
PS : they won 4 medals (1 silver, 2 gold, and GRAND PRIX CHAMPION 1st Vientnam International Choir Competition 2011, YAY FOR INDONESIA.. once again, we proved that we are able to do positive thing for Indonesia. Indonesia is a beautful country with beautiful people and talented people, not only can violence and damage.

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