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Friday, March 25, 2011

Cream Foundation Routine

I'm in never ending search of my soulmate, yes.. i'm talking about foundation that fits my shade. It'll be a looong journey, but i'm not giving up, YET. LOL...
It's just i finally found a perfect way (FASTEST) to applying them :)

My bare face- after toner and moisturizing lotion
I dipped the head of the CS duo fiber brush into the foundie jar
Apply the brush with circular motion to get a flawless finish look
After finish with the cream foundation
I apply the loose powder after with my pink brush from MUS
Start from the hairline and then blend it inward
This is the finish look
See my point? Yeah, it's a never ending search :) i look so white hihihihi...

But i got a life saver, my bronzer - applied with MUS brush too... makes my skin a little sunkissed look, instead of white...
Can see the difference? I hoped you can...
And FOTD (again with green, i hoped you guys don't get sick of this color just yet, bear with me ladies hehe..)

Face :
LT Pro cream foundie in yellow orange
Marcks loose powder in creme
LT Pro PB no 04
Inez eyebrow pencil in dark chocolate

Eyes :
Sari Ayu 25 years edition
Pixy liquid eye liner in black
Sari Ayu duo mascara and eyeliner

Lips :
Napoleon Perdis lipgloss in watermelon


  1. mada lucuuuu ijonyaaa :D aaah makin ngiler nih ama palet 25 taun :/ btw kamu apply bronzernya bagus amaaat *tepok tangan* aku kalo apply bronzer pasti keliatan bergaris gitu deh di tulang pipi :/
    btw itu bronzer dr lt pro berapaan?

  2. dikasih say :D gak tau deh harganya... maap gak membantu, tapi itu refill-an jadi pasti dibawah 40k keknya..
    thx on ur comment, hihihi...

  3. Mada .. ini e/s ijonya cocok banget sm lo .. cakep banget deh

  4. mada, di foto yang akhir2 foundationnya dah ga keputihan tuh, gara2 bronzernya atau karena emang make-up nya dah 'mateng'. kan suka gitu tuh ^^

    aduuuhhhh si palet 25 tahun tuh kapan masuk sini yaaakkksss... :(

  5. @jule : lagi demen si ijoo nih mak :D thank u..
    @poo : lagi demen eksperimen ama cream foundie mak... ini udah mulai agak2 nemu si shade yang pas :D thank u yaak...