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Monday, March 28, 2011

FOTD : Party Purple Look - Can You Tell if I'm Wearing Falsies or Not? :D

Since i cheated a lot with my SA eye shadow palette 25 years edition, today i was in the mood for playing with another baby my CS 88 shimmering palette. As always turns out a bit different from the look that i wanna create, natural purple. But i think it treated my uneven lid pretty good.
For you ladies, that already getting sick of my teal/greeney look :D

guess : with or withour falsies :D
I did wear falsies, the one from this post I think i'm in love... and since my friends order another pair, i'm curious... will wait for your FOTD sheLLey :D
This is the third times using this falsies, it clean up pretty descent, i must say! I used baby oil to clean up the stain of the eye lash glue and mascara.
And also with my favourite way to wear falsies, you can read it here. You barely can't see where my original lashes and fake ones, it blend together nicely and create a natural look for eyes.

No Flash
Some friend said my face was too bright on FOTD, hm.. any suggestion on "how to take your make up pictures" for Canon Ixux 105? Since i'm such an idiotech.. did try the table lamp solution and taking pics without flash with this camera, but it looks awful. So i'm open to suggestion, help? :D

With Flash

Fanbo TWC in natural

Inez b/o in autumn rose

Inez eye brow pencil in dark chocolate
CS palette
SA duo e/l n mascara
Fake lashes T 217

Inez l/s in terracota

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