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Monday, March 21, 2011

Sometimes Fake Add More Drama - How I Wear Falsies

Well, since i got a big package of falsies from Make Up Tool and i forgot to take a proper pic from yesterday event so i decided to re-do the look. Well, not really exact the same, pretty much simpler than the other night but for the eyes, somehow i prefer today's look. You can see what type and how the falsies look like on this link
This is an answer for some of my friends that asking me about how to wear falsies. Actually, there's several ways to wear them, but this post is gonna be about my favourite way to wear falsies. And believe me ladies, i pretty much tried all of the tips. This is the easiest way for me, and i hope it'll work out just fine with you.

What you're gonna need : falsies *dooh :D*, eyelash glue, scissor, eyelash curler, eye liner (pen, gel, liquid -whatever you prefer)

 Let's start : 

Draw a black/ chocolate liner on your lash line, this step is making you easier to measure the falsies and know where to put them. Then curl your lashes, we don't want the falsies separated from the original lashes, it's gonna look awkward, yes?

Put some eyelash glue on the line -that we already draw-, this is gonna make your falsies stick longer because it's twice sticking power than when you put only glue on your falsies. Plus, while we put the glue on the falsies, it can dry up a bit so it'll be easier to put the falsies on.

Put some glue on the falsies -see picture below- and add extra to the outer/inner corner, because usually it get's off easily in the outer area.
PS : don't forget to cut your falsies to match she length of your eyes

Use a tweezer or your finger -whatever you prefer- to put the falsies on your lash line. I prefer stick them on the middle first, then i can easily stick the outer and inner corner area.

Make sure it put perfectly on the lash line, and this is the technique i usually use, add some glue -just thin- to put together your falsies and your original falsies. Don't over-do it because it will be hard to take the falsies off after.
left -with falsies : right - no falsies

That pretty much it, if you have any question please don't hesitate to ask, or simply drop a comment. Thank you ladies, remember practice makes perfect ^^

Now on to review, i already linked the look and where'd i get the falsies up on this post. And i think, even tho the falsies look so thin and the lashes is not too crowded, but it did the job well on my eyes. Because i already have thick and long lashes so this one adding up drama on my eyes without making it too much. For party wear and daily wear this is amazing.

But for some, maybe this falsies a bit too ordinary, because some people have thinner and shorter lashes. But i got the trick, double it up, and voila.. you are ready sista :)

What i love about this falsies :
* The band made of thread, which is easier to bend
* Can be worn more than once since the bend is easy to clean up the stain of the glue
* Easy to pull from the box, if i buy individual lashes, it kinda hard to pull from it's packaging and sometimes it RUINED the shape of the falsies. But not with this one :)
* Didn't take much space to store, individual lashes take many space on my traincase.

What i not too fancy about this falsies :
I love the texture and everything, it's just i prefer my falsies have a very long look on the outer corner but this one is not really. it comes on a round shape, and if i want it to look longer on the outer corner i have to do the cutting very carefully. Other than that, i love this falsies.

I probabbly will get myself another shape of this brand, hm... later maybe, after my traincase and my brushes arrived *wink*

EOTD and FOTD using this falsies

Face :
Maybelline bb cream
Fanbo TWC in Sawo Matang (this is probably a comparison shade between NC35-NC40)

Cheek :
ELF all over color stick in pink lemonade just tap it

Lips :
Wardah exclusice palette shade 33

Eyes :
ELF all over cover stick in apricot beige as base
CS 88 palette - in bright yellow for lid and taupe for crease
PIXY liquid eye liner in black
Evanysenses waterproof mascara - uses in both upper and lower lash line
NYX eye brow pencil in brown

Tools :
Pink  Powder brush  in circular motion to apply TWC - also included on the link up above how this brush look like-
Big angeled brush to blend the cheek - unbranded


  1. WOW! the falsies! love it, i think i want this for everyday look!

  2. chell : despite the look on the box, turns out it is great yah :)
    thanks dear ^^

  3. Mada ... natural banget ya .. kayak bulmat aslimu. Gue jadi kepengen pake juga jadinya. *kiasu*

  4. @Jule : hahaha.... tmenku yang mau di make over, lagi pulang kampung, dia tipe matanya beda banget ama diriku mak, gak ada lid. oshin banget lah pokoknya... aku pengen coba2 penampakan bulmat ini di semua tipe mata, jadi review-nya puas. Enak dipakenya lentur sangat, gak ganjel.. *nah ganjel bahasa inggrisnya opoo toh? gak nemuuu...*

  5. alamak mada..kayanya dirimu ga perlu falsies lagi deh..bulmatmu aslinya uda panjang beneuuur...btw,kebalikan dirimu..aku malah demen falsies yang rounded..why?because i have a slight cat eye shape..so,kalo pake yang flare di luar,malah makin jahat ni wajah..*uda sering dibilang judes and sombong T^T*

  6. @shelley... ih sama deh... :p kalo aku dari bentuk muka juga suka dibilang jutek, apalagi kalo diem. tapi mereka gak tau kita2 ini kan mellow *loh? nyari temen* hihihi... kalo gitu yang ini pas kyknya dikamu say.. rounded kok dia, cm aku potong ujungnya dikit :D

  7. mada...samaan dong..*toss*..btw,kalo dirimu sukanya agak flare,kan ini rounded..potong aja jadi setengah..jadi half falsies gitu..trus bagian yang mestinya di tengah,tempel di ujung,jadi deh natural flare falsies..aku uda ada t216 yang sedikit lebih pendek and lovin it..