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Monday, March 21, 2011

My First Backless Night Gown!

Oh my, one girl can't have too many dress in her closet. Who's with me??? *evil grin*
I got so many dresses from Jean Blue with affordable price, pampering my wallet and my taste tho. Even i turns out not getting too many dress from her boutique lately, i think she gain more costumers which is good for her :)

For me, money can't buy taste. How often we saw people wearing branded stuff from head to toe, but end up like.... hm, i don't even wanna mention. It's how you mix and match it also how confident you are wearing it. If you got money, then i'll say go for the high end brand, because of the quality. But not all of us as lucky as those peple right? No matter how hard we work, we still got paycheck and duty to pay, so for some... buying high end brand probably can be done once or twice a year. But don't get too hesitated dear ladies, it's how you playing with your closet and improving your taste that matter. 

Look at this nice blink velvet dress, it surely looks expensive. But i got it with bargain, hm.... *not telling you how much :D*

look at the nice blink on the velvet


  1. yaampun cakep bgt km pake dress itu makkk ♥

  2. @jovee : thanks darling :D
    @hanna : really? maacih hihi... pengenya sih elegant, tapi ttp aja aura-nya jd seksi yah? *garuk2 kepala*

  3. iyaaa.. seksiii.. belahannya itu loohh...
    tapi cantik kokk.. beneran ^^
    eh ya, just curious, kenapa kamu memutuskan pake kalung yang seperti itu? :D

  4. @poo : pernah liat nicole kidman pake backless gown and she wore a nice plain long necklace di belakang gaunnya, since i don't have plain long necklace, jadi pake yang ada aja... untungnya sih match ama gelang nya warnanya and i think it gives addition to my sexy back bwahahahhahaa...