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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Steal or Splurge, Eyeshadow base (approx. US$ 3 Aubeau VS US $20 UDPP)

I've been wanting to do this since last week, but so busy and kinda forget. Today somehow it cross my mind. Sadly, the video that i recorded take forever to upload (thanks to my super slow internet connection) and being an "idioTech" is not helping at all since i don't know how to edit my video. Took about 130mins to upload 2mins video, and you guys can imagine how long it takes to upload 13mins video :(
So i only got the chance to show you ladies the pictures just yet.

I posted a lot of FOTD using this Aubeau eyeshadow base already if you ladies, wanna see the appearance and more precise pictures using this base, please check my FOTD :)
And for the legendary UDPP, i think i don't have to re-introduce you ladies, since everybody must already know what is it...

left : Aubeau - right : UDPP

NO FLASH - left : Aubeau base with Pixy - right : UDPP with Zero

WITH FLASH - Both eyeshadow is from UD Show Pony
My today look is natural, since i only got one gig for the day... choir rehearsal. On some picture the gradation of the eyeshadow color is un-balance, i did explain it on the other video tho' why is that, because once again i have unbalance lid, and that's the only way to do both my eyes so it looks a bit balance when opened.

left : UDPP - right : Aubeau
see the stain on my left lower lash line? L: Zero - R : Pixy

upper lash line both using pixy liquid eye liner
left side UDPP

right side : Aubeau

after 5 hours

same staying power
left : UDPP
right : Aubeau
On to the product :

LT Pro cream foundation shade yellow orange to conceal under eye
PAC creamy foundation no 04
Revlon loose powder in light

UDPP and Aubeau as base
UD Show Pony
UD Zero and Pixy eye liner pencil in black
Pixy liquid eyeliner for upper lash line
Inez eyebrow pencil in dark chocolate
Maybelline VE Mascara

ELF al over color stick in pink lemonade

Napoleon Perdis limited edition lipgloss on rapsberry

Oriflame travel kit eyeshadow brush
Masami shouko blending brush
Pink CS due fiber stippling brush
Pink baby kabuki from Make Up Tool


Pro's : Make the eyeshadow not creasing whatsoever, easy to dry.
Con's : Has a bit shimmer on it *not match with my personal taste*, not as creamy as i thought *i prefer my base to be a bit creamy*, not available locally which made it very hard to get and expensive ($24 for the original price and plus shipping to my house it's approx. $30), when applied on the lower lash line there's a certain stain so have to be very careful blending it when it comes to lower lash line.
Repurchase : NOPE

Pro's : available locally, cheap (less than $3), huge 10 gr compare to my UDPP (comes in set with the UD Show Pony which only 3.75 ml), a bit creamy but easy to apply just like when using moisturizer, didn't give stain on lower lash line, easy to dry, not making the eyeshadow creasing.
Con's : nothing really, i love this base - totally my HG for base.
Repurchase : Heelll yeah sista :D

Not being rude or anything, it's just i don't find this UDPP as magic as everyone said. It pretty much the same, and give the same result with cheaper product, maybe i used it wrong? Please let me know if any other way in using this UDPP, i'll be happy to explore. Thank you for keep reading and have a nice day :)


  1. yaaaayyyy.. hidup aubeauuu.. *big grin*
    untung belum jadi beli UDPP
    thanks banget ya reviewnyaaaa..
    udpp-mu itu size normal ya? kecil banget ya ternyata? mendingan aubeau kemana2 dehh..hihihi..

    eniwei, aku penasaran sama uneven lid-mu, ada foto nakednya ga? kalo ga keberatan sih ^^

  2. Ooh you should try comparing them with dark smokey look, see if there's no creasing with the Aubeau one! When I compare UDPP with other eyeshadow bases wearing natural eyeshadows, I usually can't tell much difference, but the next time I'm wearing bold, dark eye makeup... THAT is the real test. So far only UDPP that can prevent my dark smoky looks from fading and creasing. Well, maybe it's a matter of need. I mean if you wear smokey look a lot, I think UDPP is a better investment, but if not.. then even any liquid concealer would do!

  3. @Poo : itu comes in set say ama esedonya, aku gak beli yang full size mau trial dulu. Kalo yg full size aku napsir yang warna UDPP yg gold itu nah... *gak tau namanya :D*
    Ini yang kutunggu... asik asik asik... mau diajarin ama MUA cara ngelenongin lid ku, ntar aku foto2, thanks in advance *big hug*... i'm desperado

    @fifi : Ok... noted dear... That's why i think i might lost something here, how can i not find this UDPP as amazing as everyone said, i'll try it with dark smokey look as u suggest, well.. excited and curious how it's gonna end up...

  4. eh si aubeau skrg wajah baru ya di tube gitu.. jaman dulu gw beli bukan di tube, dan wrnnya pun bening.

  5. @jule : itu kemasan lama mak, yg itu lengket :( gak enak bgt, aku jg punya.. tp emang mantap sih staying powernya, cm krg bs di blend warnanya... bagus kalo make up panggung yang jedeeer!
    yang ini lbh wearable... penasaran mau nyoba smokey look kyk saran fifi..

  6. yg gold itu eden bukan? aku sempet naksir si eden tuh, tapi belum kesampean belinya.hehehehe...
    mau coba saran fifi ah, pake dark smokey, awet ga ya si aubeau ini.

    makk..gw bukan mua, belon pantes lagi disebut mua.hehehehe.. but I'm glad if I can help
    cuman gimana caranya ya? pake blog? hihihihi... ^^

  7. @poo : seribu jalan menuju roma :D ajarin aja step by stepnya, kalo pake satu warna dia gak ngaruh2 banyak, tapi kalo mau pake beberapa warna nah itu PRnya, trus di lid ku ada lipetan2 gitu mak, jadi pasti creasing :(
    sementara di foto yang after diatas yang matanya merem, keliatan kan yang kanan berlipet2 gitu...

  8. wow wow wow..! great review....!!!
    if u mind, visit my blog too...

  9. @severuslovez : thanks darla, will repay visit ^^ *smooch*