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Friday, March 18, 2011

PIXY - Liquid Eye Liner

Actually many people has requested about this PIXY liquid eye liner. Most of them already bought it and i can say quite satisfied with the result (right pinkyrose?) :D

I already post the swatch here just in case you guys still wondering about this eye liner.

Before i went out, still at home..
After i went home, 4.5 hours later...

Other than my washed out powder and blush and lipgloss, the eye liner still looks like when i just applied it. Still the same thickness and not smudging whatsoever and not having the fall out (well some have, but not in case, lucky me). I didn't wear any base just swipe a bit of my bb cream on my lid before application of eyeliner.

What i love about this PIXY
- available locally
- cheap price approx $3, Rp 28,000
- thick applicator
- very black color
- easy to clean, baby oil only will do

What i dislike about this PIXY
- it's not waterproof

Repurchase : Yes...

I hoped this post help, and did anyone ever experience a bad thing with eyeliner? Please do share.. :)