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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Watermelon, everyone? (LIPSTICK ART)


I saw one of my friend's blog.. and goes.... CRAZY, i think this is superb...
We see a lot of creativity on eye make up, but lipstick to be honest this is my first time seeing such a cute shape. She posted a lot of pictures of lipstick art, see the cute pictures on her blog here i think she took the pics from Google.
Wanna try one of those, but since i'm not a very creative person, i'm gonna try out with the easiest one first, :D
Tutorial also posted, so feel free to let me know what you think ladies... Thank you ^^

Let's get into how to do this....

1. Put something to soothe your lips, and will work as base also (lipbalm, or vaseline petroleum jelly)

2. Tap some powder to cover up the lips, also to make the color last on your lips.

3. Put a base color on your lips, i used eyeshadow to create almost the exact color compare to the exact color of watermelon

4. Blend the base color, don't worry about the excess. You can clean up later. Draw a line to differ both color application (I used white eye liner pencil). After that, start to the other color, still using the same eye shadow palette 
5. Use a black gel liner or pencil liner, dot some on the middle of the lips. You can use cotton bud or eye liner brush, whatever you prefer

It seems easy, but it can be tricky. I got a problem with the green color, so after draw a green line, i have to re-apply the pink shade. Took me about 15 mins to do this... Well, for the first trial i think it's ok.


  1. gyahaha bisaaaa aja. emang makeup tuh fun bgt, apalagi kalo lagi boring ga ada kerjaan. btw bibirmu seksoy bgt ^^ hahaha

  2. thank you ladies :)

    @fifi : ho oh.. kegiatan yang positive, make up :p
    @jovee : thx to ur blog dear... ^^

  3. Mada ... ampun br liat gw dsn ..ternyata bibir mu haha .. kreatip ya bo. Gila blog lo ga gw buka beberapa hari udah beranak pinak postingnya.

  4. @ Jule : jadi maluu... hehehehhe.....thanks say, can't wait to play with ur tools... *abis maskeran biar bisa pool dandannya pake lenongan n tools dari lapakmu*, niat bener yaak :D

  5. how I wish I had lips like yours