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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sort of a Haul :)

I got a medium package yesterday from Make Up Tool on Facebook, you ladies believe in love at the first sight right? When i saw the pictures i was like, i gotta have that!!!! Finally i got it.... My house assistant, Mba Fitri was watching me opened the package and laugh at me so hard because i couldn't stop screaming. Yes literally screaming... And having big grin on my face all day long, because it arrives just in time before my choir practice which is TIRING and mind-consuming! Oh dear ladies, if only you knew how hard it is practice in a very very not comfortable situation, my conductor whine a lot lately. Ah.. enough said about it, don't wanna bored you out.

Let's just take a peek of what i got....
the package (the wrap already goes to the bin D )
aren't they cutee ^^
The fake lashes and the glue can be found in this album Fake Lashes Collection & Tools
The fake lashes code is T217 and it cost around $8 per box (Rp 70,000), one box included 10 pairs of fake lashes, and the glue cost around $3 (Rp 30.000).

brush from the pink collection
You might wanna check this album out Pink Collection
This Pink collection consist of 7 different brush, mostly for face and one is bent eyeliner brush. Which only available in May (i got mine ordered already :D ). This two brushes i got is Pink Handbuki (the big one), will work with your loose powder and mineral make up cost about $14 (Rp 150,000) and the smaller one is Pink Tapered suitable for highlight and contouring cheek cost about $10 (Rp 110,000). A bargain for brush.. really!

brush guard
Comes in 5 brush guard for big brush and 5 for small brush. You can find it on this album which also got picture in it that will show you what your brushes gonna look like after you put them on brush guard.

I haven't try any of these items yet, but lucky i got an event to attend this weekend, my best friend's marriage so it's gonna be a good excuse to try all of these :)
Review gonna be posted as soon as i try all of these.

Another one that will come with my bent eyeliner brush from this shop will be a TRAINCASE... i can't wait till May...


  1. Wow~ Loving that pink brush you have!! <3

  2. @hercy : yeap, and i've benn dying to try it.. but have to wash it first, waiting for my elf powder brush to arrive then i'll do the washing :D sort of lazy to wash one by one :p

    @chell : iyaaa... hihihihihi... lucu yaaaah...