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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good News For Those Who Still Learn Wearing Eye Liner..

Hay ladies, i'm back. Been a hectic month for me.. So much drama, phhw.. not gonna bored you with details. Let's just get started to my latest fabulous cheap finding.

Eye Liner Liquid Pen by Mirabella, at first i saw this eyeliner. I was in shock, wow.. they did make progress in beauty industry in Indonesia. I first noticed this by Oriflame, with almost half price now Indonesia Beauty Brand has it also.

Well, i've been wearing this for saveral days and so far i'm happy with it. I got not so oily lid and mostly for this few days i skipped eye shadow just eye liner and mascara. Turns out pretty good, i stayed in Jakarta for almost 2 weeks now. Jakarta is so hot and my activity was outdoor. FOTD wearing this will be uploaded later on.

I got several friends that still struggling wearing eyeliner, i used to reccomend gel eye liner to them but this one is a good option. Will start to reccomend this because it's easier to use and you don't have to buy another set of brush to apply gel eye liner, so save your money. And the pen make even beginner feel comfy to liner their eyes.

Tips of wearing eye liner : 

  • Put your hand -the one that will apply the eyeliner- on a steady surface (table or anything), the surface will make a good foundation of your hands, even if you have shaking hands.
  • With another hand, pull a bit of your outer corner of the eyes, it will look awkward but when you pull the outer corner, the eyeliner will be easier to apply on your lash line.
  • Wait, don't open your eyes instantly after you apply your eye liner, because sometimes it's not dry yet and if it still wet the eye liner will leave stain on your crease, we don't want that messy look rite? :)

Price : Rp 31.000 ( $ 3)

Pro's : Thick black color, Easy on application, Cheap Price, Not Smudging, Easy to clean
Con's : Not waterproof, but still ok, Hard to Find (Out Of Stock most of the time)
Repurchase : Definetely!

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