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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

(Bayar Utang) EOTD with Inez Loose Eye Shadow

I'm quite in love with loose eye shadow/pigment, powder eye shadow.. whatever you prefer calling. But since it's so hard to find a ready stock on NYX UPM, i decided to try Indonesian brand instead, my favourite one of course INEZ. I got this at around $2 each (Rp 17,000). And i got it on every shade except the red one.. i'm not a big fan of red color in my eyes, since my eyes get irritated easily, i figure if i added red eye shadow whatsoever it will look like i'm -i don't know, and don't wanna imagine-.............. :D

You can see how this loose eye shadow look like here

I couldn't sleep, after watching some dvd's so i decided to try out these eyeshadow... my choice is green, since i'm kinda in love with everything green and teal lately... Well. i hope you guys don't mind if i only focus on eyes only, because i did wear my super old pj's and kinda embarrassed showing you guys my "un-proper" shirt ;p

indoor - with flash
indoor - with flash

outdoor - no flash (excuse the mascara stain on my lid :D )
outdor - no flash

Bonus pic...this picture taken in my room, 5 hours after applying. No creasing whatsoever... so i reccomend this for the one who longing for long last eye shadow.
PS : I applied this loose eye shadow with flat eye shadow brush and wet it with eye drop, some how the formula on the eye drop makes the loose eye shadow stays on the lid and crease. I didn't use any primer or base.

inez loose eye shadow (green and pink)
taupe eye shadow for the crease
etude gel eye liner
maybelline ve mascara
lyra eye brow pencil in chocolate (for green EOTD)
inez eye brow pencil in dark brown (on pink EOTD)

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