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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Solidarity for Febri

Hola ladies,
I'm back.. sorry can't give update about the donation yet, because we're still waiting for the alumni's donation also. It'll be from the big family of Maranatha Christian University Choir (from class of 80 something to 2010). And Febri latest update was he got a virus infection on his lung (ARDS complication). Which i don't know the medical status or name for that. And the donation until yesterday is about Rp 2,800,000 from others. I hoped our donation will and can help Febri to get a better medication and cares.
The link of current pictures and donation report is in this link

I'm really touched tho' today my blog hits 4000 and more viewers and i got many many positive respon from my fashionesedaily friends and facebook friends which is so heartwarming. And some of them really really beautiful inside out, send Febri a prayer, even give spirit to me, and most of them gives donation. I really hoped someone that got authotization read this or other link about Febri and can do something.

I'll keep posted to update you ladies, and keep praying for Febri...

Ps : Some asked, if i know Febri in person, well.. i don't. And i don't even know anyone from Undip Choir, but i'm really touched, and as a chorister also i'm dying to do something. Because it's not an easy job, going overseas for competiton with minimal funding and resources. The practice was hard, and they win which is bonus and a nice pay off for their effort.. Also made me as an Indonesia citizen proud.
One of the best moment in my life was when singing Indonesia National Anthem while our national flag was raised after winning an international competition. It's a very very touching moment! And i can put myself in Undip's choir shoes what they feel, they are a champion, National Heroes but their project manager was koma in hospital while they're singing the National Anthem... ah, i bet you guys know what i'm talking about. I get really touchy and mellow talking about this..

Thank you again for your support, means a lot to me.... :)

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