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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Highlight and Contouring / Shading Part 1 (Nose)

Answering request from my fellow FD member, how to highlight and contouring face today i'm gonna post about how i did mine.
I figure, it's gonna be confusing if i did how to contour my face in one post, so i'm gonna separate the explanation in different post, this post gonna be the easiest one. How to highlight and contour your nose. 
Basically contouring is depends on your type of face, so it can be different application on every one, but the technique is the same.

I prefer highlight, why?
  1. To save time, i don't like spending too much on my make up. Because the longer i stand in front of my mirror, the more products will be applied to my face haha... can't stand those cute and pretty tubes. 
  2. It's more natural because there wont be like, dark shade all over your face which in some case (like me, when i first learn how to contour my face, it didn't blend well)
  3. You don't have to own like more products, just one single creamy foundation or concealer will do, save your money right?
Let's get started, it's kinda long (lots pics, you guys have been warned :D)
my bare face (ciel mineral light foundation, nyc bronzer, sari ayu duo mascara and eyeliner)
ELF All Over Cover Stick in Apricot Beige
I used this a lot, because i love the texture. It blends well also, and light for travelling :)

Swipe a bit on your finger, just like this
Put it on your nose, stop where my finger end. You don't wanna drag it too long because it will be too much.
Blend with brush if you have one, if you don't finger will do best :)
Note :
I used cream foundation also like PAC creamy foundation shade no.2 to highlight my nose. The tips is used one shade that lighter than your skintone or your foundation, that's why concealer also will work to contour your nose (face).
Powdery stuff like eyeshadow also will do,but the staying power will less more than if you used creamy foundation or liquid concealer unless you applied foundation or bb cream before doing highlighting with powdery stuff. If i used powdery stuff, i used revlon eyeshadow duo in chocolate. The dark color match my skintone well.


ELF All Over Cover Stick in Toffee
Swipe a bit on your finger, like when doing highlighting
Swatch it with your other finger to get the warmth so it'll become easier to blend
It should look like this
Then just tapped it on your nose gently, don't, I REPEATED don't dragged it. Just slowly tap it on your nose from lower to upper near eyebrow
Don't forget to blend it to outer corner of the nose near the cheek
I did both step, to show you guys basically how the highlight and contouring should be applied. Hope it helps, and please do share your opinion, if you guys have a better step to do it, i'll be more than happy to learn new tips.

Stay fabulous ladies, ciaoo...


  1. A good tips ^^... ELFnya kira-kira bisa dipake as concealer ga ya ?? pengen nyobain ELF sticknya.. :D multifungsi yah keknya...

    staying powernya oke ga? :)

  2. @Chino-chan : all over cover stick dia,harusnya bisa semua, dari mulai dipake jd foundie sampe highlight sampe conceal, shade-nya aja hrs dipas2in ama fungsi yang diinginkan si elf ini :)
    thx for visiting dear ^^

  3. salam kenal sis^^
    kereeen, tutorialnya bermanfaat banget utk diriku yg ribet masalah Highlight and Contouring :)

    gampang banget yah ternyata....
    mulai berburu ELF All Over Cover Stick

    thanks for sharing