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Friday, March 18, 2011

Beauty Comes from Within

Dear Ladies,

  • Did you throw away your garbage to trash bin?
  • Did you let people that come out from the elevator first before you enter inside?
  • Did you say "please" and "thank you"?
  • Did you queue?
  • Did you use public restroom properly?
  • Did you give your seat to pregnant lady and elder in public transport?
Sounds like little things, but honestly.. have we been doing all of that everyday in our life? Sometime we're in a rush that we have to cut the queue line, or simply forget to say thanks after someone get us something done.. IT's normal, really. No judgement here... only a simple reminder, because i'm still trying to do the RIGHT THING also :)

I think the saying, " Start from youself, Start from Little things, and Start NOW" is really a good reminder for all of us. At least to let us become a better person for ourselves.  Don't try too hard tho' because change can't and impossible to be happen on one day. Take your time and just be a better you.

Why suddenly this post? Because it's not beauty products that make you beautiful, it's Attitude. Are you gonna still look fabulous and stunning with your killer heels, fancy dress, expensive handbags if you cut the line? If you let people queue longer than they should have at the register because you are busy re-arrange the stuff you had in your kate spade wallet and LV's Speedy Bag? I don't think so dear ladies... Simple stuff right? But it defines someone's attitude, remember we're valued by the way we act, and the way we treat our subordinate :)

Keep fabulous ladies, and attitude please *wink*

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