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Monday, March 14, 2011

Beauty, Behaviour

Every woman is beautiful, agree? It's how we love the perfect imperfection that counts. And mostly we forgot about those people that always be there for us, frankly said our subordinate. In Asia, mostly Indonesia it's common to have several maids (not include drivers, gardener, etc). You don't have to be rich to have maid if you lived here. Or i prefer say, house assistant.

I lived in a dorm house (sort of), and we have two house assistant in the house. Both are young and beautiful, they're just kids ( early 20s), they have to support their family so they give up school and decided to work. I'm touched with their spirit to support the family, i learned a lot from them. And i can't possibly think of someone that can be so rude treating their house assistant. Well.. grew up in a restaurant which we have so many waiter/waitress and chef, my mom and dad taught us to treat them as part of the family but not spoiling them also. Long story short, i grew up with lots of lesson on how to behave with our subordinate, elder and friends.

I like my current house assistant Mba Fitri, i talked to her a lot, and funny thing sometimes she share about her privat life and asked for opinion, it's like we're friends. Since i gave her lots of my make up, which she didn't even has a clue how to wear it so i decided why not give her a make over. She's so excited, and her laugh and smile give me a new spirit. After all i can used the experience to myself, how to draw a certain face :)

I'm not a saint, don't get me wrong it's just it linger in my head what my dad once said, "It's how you treat your subordinate that shows your truly character". Let just said, i'm a simple person. You treat me nice, i'll be 10 times more nicer, but if you acting up.. darling... you better hope that i still can be mad instead of silent. Because silent means ignorace :D

Without further a do, let's get into pictures... Please give me feed back, because i'm still learning too...


Meet Fitri, everyone...

Sari Ayu cream foundation in sawo matang
Marcks loose powder in creme
ELF all over cover stick in toffee for contouring her nose and jaw line
LT PRO pwder blush in 08 for the cheek
Aubeau eye shadow base
CS 88 shimmering palette
Etude gel eye liner
Maybelline VE mascara
Lyra eyebrow pencil
Wardah Lip Palette using shade no 33
White lipgloss - stroberi


This was candid, her expression draw smiles on my face :)
PS : Make up is not about changing your whole face, but to embrace what you have. Like i said loving the perfect imperfection ^^


  1. yes everybody is beautiful!
    aku juga kadang suka mikir.. kadang kalo liat orang yang cara berpakaiannya biasa aja dan dandan nya juga biasa aja, dia terlihat biasa dan terkadang cenderung 'jelek', tapi sebenernya semua orang bisa jadi cantik tergantung mereka berpakaian & berpenampilan.. pokoknya jangan pernah biang kalo kita lebih cantik dari siapapun & main nganggep remeh orang lain. siapa tau kalo mereka berpakaian sama seperti kita atau bahakan lebih baik dari kita, mereka bakal terlihat lebih cantik..
    love your post ^^ so inspiring :D

  2. madaaaaa jadi cantik house assistant nyaaa :)

  3. madaaa..
    mbaknya cantiiikkk..
    tapi kamu lupa bedakin lehernya tuh say, keliatan belang deh. hehehehe... :D

    kok bisa jadi muluus gituuu.. pake spons atau brush apply-nya? kereennn..

    aku juga setuju, ga ada cewek di dunia ini yang ga cantik ^^

  4. yurina : thanks for ur nice comment dear, bikin makin semangat ng-blog :)

    andriani : thank u say....

    poo : thank u say... dia lagi alergi, abis aku kasih ctm.. pake lulur bali yang lumpur jadi gatel2 sampe mandi lagi 2 kali katanya, aku gak berani bedakin lehernya.. di foto yang lain malah ada bekas merah2 gitu... kasian.. tapi skarang udah baikan kok dianya :)

  5. aduuhh.. kasian.
    semoga cepet sembuh yaa si mbak
    kayanya dia tipe orang yang nyenengin
    kan banyak tuh yang bawel2 ga jelas.hehehe...
    u're lucky mada ^^

  6. @poo : so thoughtful of u dear, thank u.. after 2 days she feels better already, malah udah main make over2an ama mba yang satu lagi. actually she's a fast learner, kaget juga.. hasil make overnya rapih looh, niat banget sampe rambut si mba yang satu lagi juga di catok ama dia... ntar aku coba posting hasil karya dia deh..