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Monday, March 7, 2011

Haul in February

Just a sneak peak of my recent haul.

Not really everything tho' this is just from my beloved Online Store in Facebook, Jean Blue

the adorable packaging, she wrapped the clothes with bubble wrap also inside
i was super excited so i unpacked the package brutally and the shoes is bonus

I love Jean Blue, because the seller is very nice n patient. Also she gave me and her other costumers very good bargain and discount afterward plus bonuses (yes, PLURAL), very fast in shipping. The only thing is, i have to really really fast when i want to shop in her shop, because she has a LOT of costumers and the clothes sold out fast.

Some clothes and dresses that i bought in other place is still on the loundry bag hehe... Just went from short vacation, so everything was dirty and need some serious cleaning :p

I like to shop online because, i was lazy to go round and round in the mall. I just love the make up area and foodcourt also the coffee shop when i go to the mall, i'm not a big shopper actually. My feet gets tired easily, ask my girlfriends if you don't believe me >.<

Make Up and Tools
batiste dry shampoo in original and blush also cheap couple parfume (me and my love bought it because it's on sale :D)
make up sponge

25 years eyeshadow edition from Sari Ayu

Love the warm earthy tone ^^
nice brown orangey wedges
love the flower and the blink teal color :D
I think that's pretty much it, ok... not all tho hihihi... who am i kidding? Still got some tops, jackets, and make up that still unpacked yet :p
Thank you for reading ladies... missin you much actually ^^

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