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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Okay, i just remember that i got this award from Carryn and Fifi
Back then i was still at my hometown which i can't online much. Just a while because we're busy at the restaurant for Lunar (usually holiday and weekend is the most hectic time for my restaurant), so i kinda forgot about it untill today i got nothing to do at home so i end up with checking my friends blog. And thank you ladies, it seriously draw a smile on my face. Heck.. who am i kidding, BIG GRIN on my face. I will keep up my work, and please do always give me feedback because i'll never stop learning. After all life is a never ending learning process, agree? :)
The Versatile Blogger Award
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The rules of these awards :

- Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your blog
- Tell us 7 things about yourself
- Award 7 recently discovered new bloggers
- Contact these bloggers and let them know they've received the award(s)

7 Random Things about me :

  1. I don't like when people making fun of my boobs, even though i laughed at it but its irritating. Yeah for 44/150 i got a big boobs 34D, SO??? 
  2. I really can't and won't respect people that can't be trusted! 
  3. I like to lots and lotttttsss of books on my shelves but don't wanna waste money for buying just yet, so i end up renting books and buying CLEO magazines every month :D 
  4. I put my friends on circle, i got tons of friends, but i choose few to be my good friend. And can't live without my banciks and my bencongs. 
  5. I love to steal on high end products (make ups, fashion wear, shoes, bags) and ended up buying dept. stores brands such as H&M and Forever21 and Matahari (Available locally in Indonesi), and drugstore make up if i can join a spree that my FD friends offer. 
  6. I'm trying to love local brand for make ups, but trying to save for high end make up from abroad too :D 
  7. I'm just so deep into trouble right now, i'm stuck with my thesis....
Now, for the lucky 7 that i choose. Why i choose them, some because they're new to beauty blogging world same as myself and other simply because i think they deserve these awards as well. I really hoped this awards will boost up their spirit to keep blogging. Enjoy ladies....

  1. Sparkle Apple 
  2. ^ ^ 
  3. A Cup Of Jens 
  4. Rebzone Daily 
  5. Art de la Beaute
  6. bebelicious 
And finally my fave beauty guru.. saaamage

That's all ladies.. thank u :)


  1. madaaaa... tengkiu awardnyaaaa *big hug*
    tapi bentar ya aku belajar dulu sebelum bisa masukin award ini di blog-ku
    eniwei, foto awardnya harus dimasukin juga ya?
    *ketauan dudul* :D

    oh ya, aku juga stuck sama urusan kuliah.hahahahahaha...

  2. oh my sorry for my very late late late reply. thanks to yooou~~~ yaay~ hehee...
    I'm gonna post about this soon I got free time 'kay?


  3. dear ladies, enjoy ^^ and congrats , me thinks you guys deserve it...