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Sunday, January 30, 2011

This is what i use for my daily make up...

Hai, everyone...
Today i'm just gonna do today's outfit and introduce you guys to some of the products that i currently use for my daily make up.
As you guys can see, i'm getting a hair do. Because i don't want to cut it short, i just cut my bangs (i got this style like 2 years a go actually but with bob hair, and since my hair is long already i recreate it) at a beauty saloon near my house just 5 mins walking, first trial and i'm dissapointed, what i hate about my hair do today is my hair stylist decide to curl it instead of make it straight like i requested, he said that my face looks better with curly style. He insist tho' i'm like yeah whatever i'm not arguing i'm just gonna cut your tip (but still giving him, just not as much as i tip my regular hair stylist).

Anyway here's my today's outfit... just simple white shirt and short also sandal.
seriously, it's weekend and beside me there's no costumer else in that saloon *probably a sign that this is not a good saloon*

top : unbranded 
short : unbranded (i like the bow) 
sandal : charles & keith
accesorries : unbranded necklaces ( i used 3 different shape), connector ring from F21 -see pic below-

the picture was taken after i got home, as usual :D

Decorative products :
Clinique moisture surge - in sample size
Maybelline BB cream
Marcks loose powder in creme
MAC fluid gel liner (broken i de-pot it) with black eyeliner
Revlon wet/dry in chocolate bar
Sari Ayu duo eye make up (liquid eye liner and mascara)
Mustika Ratu oxygenated spray

Tools : unbranded brush

What to note is this marcks loose powder less than $1 but my dermatologist reccomend it, because it has minimun chemical in it. So it's good for your face, i don't know how it's gonna be in oily skin, but in my combination skin it works very well.
Also this mustika ratu oxygenated spray, i like it.. i think it works as well as evian water mist, good to set your make up, i prefer to used it after i'm done with my make up for daily, but when i have big event i used it before foundation and as finishing after doing all my make up.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Thank You guys, for following my blog it means a lot for me..(Welcoming my new followers, heart you) ^^

PS : special for wilwolz, i hope you don't mid i put your amazing pictures here, can't wait to read your next post, traveling around the world..

I celebrate halloween with my dearest chorister, with big theme " Hallow in PSM". PSM stands for Paduan Suara Mahasiswa, which is the same like university choir. I love my choir so much, gave me so much experience and build (not only my voice) but my personality. Simply said i'm a better person because of this.
I'm more determined, focus, and great working under pressure (wait a minute sounds like i'm applying for a job, seems like i'm writing a resume) hahaha....
We didn't celebrate halloween actually in Indonesia, but this past few years since so many expatriate that works here which our culture becomes more and more mixed and getting modernized so why not we celebrate hallowen also.
Enjoy the picture.. since this is the first time i'm attending costumes party and didn't have much time to pick or rent costumes, my other fellas they RENT it :D (read : i'm stingy, don't want to spend like $20-30 just to costumes), so i ended up just buying a pair of nice falsies instead hahaha....
this is us, the very first generation of PSM Maranatha

we have cat, prince in disquise (my dearest conductor), japanese dolls, poison ivy, and me in "i dunno" :D
the left one, i love how he jumped! cool... is wilwolz, he took the rest of the pics that i upload here
let's just say this is sexy thief :D


job done, stealing... YOUR HEART bahahhaa..

like my eyes? :D

what do you think?

Sneak Peak to My Messy Traincase

Since i'm planning to organize all of my decorative beauty product (as soon as i'm coming back again to Bandung) here's sneak peak to my messy traincase. Basically i just throw everything there, exclude my skin care regiment.

This is just a quick post, while waiting for my video to successfully being uploaded. And i'm gonna tell you what's inside my traincase after i finish organizing ^^

my beloved super old traincase

it's broken already :(
Turns out it took forever also to upload this two pictures *sigh* while uploading the video, almost 1 hour for this two, so i decided to edit it (again) later, with the close up of each stacking.
I'm drolling over those beauty train case from Caboodles -Target, oh dear God why we don't have Target here in Indonesia *hiks*. This caboodles is so affordable starting from $15 i think, and got lot's of variety.
But i'm not complaining about this traincase tho' i love this. Been so good to me for this past 5 years :)

FINALLY i can add the other pictures :D

left side - top : curler, eyeliner, eye base, mascara. bottom : lipstick, lipgloss, lip palette

right side : top : eyeshadow. bottom : bronzer, blush on

everything from falsies to petroleum jelly to stick foundie, eye make up remover, shimmering powder, TWC, make up base, shine control, q tip, hand sanitizer

Inez swatches!

Ok... i'm uploading a new video on youtube *but it take forever to upload*
Current status is still 9 percent and 322mins remaining *whaaat?*
edited : upload video at  9.38 pm and finished just now! took like 4 and more hours, i salute everybody that got hundreds of youtube videos

So i'm just gonna do this quick post, and edit it later if the video already finish uploaded, what i'm going to swatch is my favourite decorative beauty products from Indonesia (we have a lot of brands actually but inez is my favourite). I swatches eyeshadow palette, blush on, eye liner pencil, and eye brow pencil, clumsy me forgot to swatch loose eye shadow and corrective cream (basically concealer).

What i love about inez :
  • Super pigmented even without any base
  • Got lots of variety color every product
  • Easy on my sensitive eyes and skin
  • Cheap
A bad fact about inez :
  • Only can be found in several dept.store and cosmetic store
  • Lipstick and powder a bit smell (sweet scent)
Repurchase : Eye shadow and eye brow pencil and loose eye shadow. The other, not really..

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today's Outfit + Hair do + FOTD

*thank you to my new followers, love you ladies* ^^

Today was hectic!
Simply says i hate (my) uni!!!!!!! *arggghhh*

But i can manage to look smart (at least on my thought) *wink*
I just realized, everytime i went to uni, i ALWAYS wear black. It showed how gloomy i am :'(
yeah, you can see the jeans is too long for me, and i don't have a heart to cut it because i love the bottom so much :D

top : unbranded (less than $10)
jeans : TRF by ZARA *forgot the price*
shoes : unbranded
bag : unbranded ($5) I love the detail, and roomy for my stuff too (READ : PAPERS)

Can you believe it if i said i got NO make up pouch in my bag? I just simply throw a lipgloss there, i DON'T touch up *lazy huh*.

My hair.. i'm just in to buns lately! As you can see on my previous hair do here i do love buns lately :D

no flash

with flash (it looked a bit messy, i got lots of frizzy hair), God.. i'm hairy :D
Ribbon style, it's not as big as it looked tho...

Finally my make up :D
Just simply natural brown look...

see the bun is not so big :D
Face :
LT Pro cream foundie in "yellow something, forgot :D"
Pigeon TWC
Eyes :
LT Pro cream foundie as base
I dunno what brand trio eyeshadow (my love got it for me from TARGET - Australia)
Sari Ayu duo eyeliner and mascara
Cheek :
L'oreal blush delice in pink
Lips :
Maybelline lipgloss

Note : the blush on and the lipgloss already faded, all of this picture was taken when i got home :D *sorry*

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hai ladies,

How's the fashion and make up going? Good or bad? Does my post a bit help? Or do i need to do more? Please do tell ^^ so i can do better...

Since i'm getting bored of working on my thesis, instead of posting in the middle of the night like i usually did, i'm gonna take a break and tell you guys more about this counterfeiting. It come accross my mind since in my studied time when i'm on my post grad program, i did presentation about fashion, and bags and actually i won a presentation from many professor when i did presentation about Hermes, and Coach bag -with my lovely partner Sisca, and Counterfeiting. A lot huh, i guess i just have passion when it comes to beauty and fashion :p As a reward i got so many books, YEAY which in Indonesia books are expensive (especially imported books).

I tried to put in here about my presentation, but since my lappie was infected by virus i lost  all of my data *see i even can't upgrade my anti virus by myself*.
I once watch in American Next Top Model how much the industry lost every year from counterfeiting ($92.2) THAT CAN BE USED TO FEED AFRICAN FOR MONTHs... dooh!

What is counterfeiting? Wikipedia says :
A counterfeit is an imitation, usually one that is made with the intent of fraudulently passing it off as genuine. Counterfeit products are often produced with the intent to take advantage of the superior value of the imitated product. The word counterfeit frequently describes both the forgeries of currency and documents, as well as the imitations of clothing, software, pharmaceuticals, watches, electronics and company logos and brands. In the case of goods, it results in patent infringement or trademark infringement.
What i'm gonna rambling about is counterfeiting in consumer goods commonly known as "knockoffs", majoring in accesories and apparel,of course since i got so much curiosity about this sections :D
Wal-Mart was sued by Fendi because one of their division which is "Sam's CLub"sold fake Fendi's in 5 states, Tiffany & Co sues eBay for allowing their member to sold counterfeit items. And many more....

Why this counterfeiting can happens and how it happens?
When it comes to expensive or desirable brands! Why? Because the consumer getting deceived easily by cheap price with excuse that it's been manufactured in other city that pays so little for their labor. Some of the counterfeiting knock offs also produced in it's real company. How is it happen? The counterfeiting stuff was made by inferior material, but produced in the same company. Ck..ck...
Yes, i learn about that and i'm not gonna bored you ladies with detail why they produced there, why China, North Korea and Taiwan becomes the most massive counterfeiting was produced, simply says that they cut the payment of their labor even they PAID UNDER AGE children to do it.
Organization foe Economic Co-Operation and Development reported that every year from 2000 till 2009 worldwide has lost about $600 billion, because the number increase the least 1,97% every year which in number is about $250 billion each year and getting higher.

How to tell counterfeits from its original brand you can search here (there's some link how to tell fake uggs, fake Tiffany, etc)

Because this is a massive issues of industry currently there is a non-profit international organization that fights counterfeit, called International AntiCounterfeiting Coallition here's where you can find further information IACC this is some description what this organization do "The International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition is the world's largest non-profit organization devoted solely to protecting intellectual property and deterring counterfeiting. Our membership spans from automotive, apparel, luxury goods and pharmaceuticals, to food, software and entertainment. From the small privately-owned companies to large multinationals, we share one common goal–to combat counterfeiting and piracy".

I also took a little research within my friends and some of the FB seller -pretending that i'm a buyer- that sold counterfeit items (because i was a victim too, they give me a fake MAC once).
Why people buy counterfeit items :
  • cheap and for some it's not look different with it's original products
  • easy to get, as you know to get one Hermes bag, you have to be in waiting list as first buyer.
  • upgrade the pride, because for some wearing counterfeit is also boost up their self confidence 
For seller :
  • it's making more money, because this counterfeit items comes in range of prices also. the more similar to it's original brand the more pricey the seller can sell
  • for some people that can't afford an original products they tend to look for the substitution. (middle range to low economic), and the seller always targeting in those market.
How to look stylish and beautiful WITHOUT using counterfeiting items?
From my own experience here's some tips that you can do, because i personally didn't like the fake knock offs. Better for me to get the second line or preloved item that buying those counterfeits (if you guys lives in Indonesia you'll know about this "KW" "KW" bags, i don't find it fascinating AT ALL).
  • Always calculate your budget first, after that please sort your stuff (Bags, Clothes, and anything that is not on your list), make a list of your priority. BY PRIORITY I MEAN BUY WHAT YOU REALLY NEED, not what you want, UNLESS YOU GOT EXTRA BUDGET.
  • Preloved items is also an option, sometimes people get bored or wanna buy a new collection, or simply move out abroad, HUNT FOR GARAGE SALE.
  • INVEST in jewelry, gold or white gold for accesories, this can be easily sold if you need money.
  • And for apparel buy a nice quality outer wear, because you'll wear it a lot, and the tops can be easily upgraded if you're wearing a nice quality of outer wear. This also applied for shoes and bags, get the best that your budget can buy you.
  • If you lives in US, UK, Australia or abroad :) far away from Indonesia you can get second line of designer products easily such as Zac Posen's dress for Target, Sonia Kashuk brushes for decorative beauty products, Mulberry bags for Target *oh... i envy you guys*.
  • Don't be sad for Indonesian readers, you can find local designer brand also that so cute and wearable such as cotton ink (the link i put is the collection of their new arrival items)
  • For beauty, if you can't afford high quality brand, always put your skin care regiment first, any product will looks good on healthy skin. Drugstore decorative product of make up (if you live in US or UK, also Australia)  is also an option, if you lives in Indonesia get those local brand of beauty instead such as Sari Ayu, Mustika Ratu, Inez.
Now happy shopping, and get pretty and please don't buy counterfeit items anymore.

if we can't change the world, we can change ourselves

How I Washed My Brushes and Sponge

It can be GROSS, but if you are curious how GROSS it's gonna be then please keep reading *evil grin* 

I haven't washed my brushes for like er... almost one month already *i know i know....*

Usually i just washed my brushes and my sponge with drinking water (In Indonesia unless you install a water purifyer, it's impossible to drink tap water) and mixed it with hot water in 1 : 3 (1 hot and 3 drinking water,so you get a nice warm water) then i add baby shampoo. Yes, just that nothing else.

But i got this new method thanks to my FD friends (alphabetababy, nucky, and sheLLey for the tips) also a brush cleanser from make up tool shop i got a new routine to clean my brushes and sponge.

what you're gonna need
The brushes and sponge that you're gonna clean *DOOH...* the brush cleanser, tissue, big bowl with 1:3 (hot:cold) distilled waterfor rinse and cleansing. Brush Stand, this pink brush stand was my brushes storage, since i got the organizer, this stand usage is to place my beauty blender sponge. But today i kinda use it to place the washed brushes.
Ok i know, you must think what the hell that panty liners doing there? Keep reading :D

the cleanser, its MAGIC seriously. you can feel the oil comes out from your brushes. with one big bowl of water i just need a little amount of this cleanser. i measure it with it seal as you can see, just putting couple amount of that cleanser will do
first i tested the water with my lip brush. i  wiped it already before dipping it in to the water with baby wipes wet tissue to clean it.
i washed the brushes that i apply cream or liquid stuff first
my slanted gel eyeliner brushes - can you see the water turns black?
the water is kinda oily now, after i clean my foundie brush, my suggestion is clean your small brushes first because it will makes the water less oily when rather than when you clean your foundie brush first.
this is the final look of the water after i clean of all the brushes above (i didn't take pictures of me cleaning the brushes one by one, you guys probably can figure it out your own)
TADA... this is the purpose of the panty liner, look how clean the brushes now (the foundie brushes already look a bit brown when i bought it)
Why i used panty liners instead of tissue and cloth. IT DRY FASTER (thanks alphabetababy for the tips), it's kinda gross i know you probably don't wanna do it. But me... i'm a lazy person, it's kinda boring to wait all day to let the brush finally dry up. I used to use towel and put them all together and sleep on it, but as i said it took whole day to get dried (what i'm gonna use if i wanna apply my make up the next day?) the next day it still a little bit wet feeling but not really wet *i hoped you understand, forgive my bad english* and on the second thought, while the process of drying, bacteria can easily stick to the wet brushes and sponge, no?
BUT, if you don't wanna use panty liners you can change it to towel and paper towel.
for the small brushes i put them in tissue
and then roll them up (thanks nucky for the tips)
In this video (thanks sheLLey for the link) you can actually see cheapest way to dry your brushes rather than using brush guard  (this brush guard also can be found in make up tool shop if you lives in Indonesia. Coastal scents sell it, and many more brand that provides this if you live in US or UK). It already has explanation if you click the link.
this is how the final look how i drying it, i stick them to the brush stand (even drinking mug will do, whatever you prefer)

Now you ladies know why i'm lazy haha.. because i separate the cleaning process of my brushes that i used with powder stuff, brushes that i used to apply cream products, and liquid or cream face brushes, and sponge. I was like has to go back and refill the water after that cleaning, go back to the kitchen to fill the water, and then clean again.... until the whole brushes and sponge already done.
if you think i'm done, WRONG (final rinse, until the water is really white and didn't have anymore stain them i'm good) -see below for explanation
After cleansing all brushes and sponge, i refill the water again (this time i got a jug with me, so i don't have to go back and forth to the kitchen -fyi, the kitchen is in first floor and my room is in second floor- tiring :D) this time only use drinking water, not adding hot water to RINSE all of the brushes and sponge. Re-do all over again, if the water keep white and didn't has more stain color from the brushes and sponge, then I'M DONE
this is how i fold it so the whole brushes were covered and dried faster
i separated the sponge
final drying process.. let's wait ^^
I hope you find this post useful, and please do share your own cleaning process, i'd be more than happy to try new method.
Thank You...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Since i'm going away for Lunar New Year (Mommy.... i'm home), sneak peak of my USA Beauty and Fashion Haul

I'm excited to give you ladies a sneak peak of my upcoming beauty and fashion (that so not on budget) haul.
I know, but i'm think we should at least invest on some items that a little bit pricey, since you pay for the quality. And for some of you this maybe not that expensive but for me... hm.. this is a bit :D

napoleon perdis limited edition lipgloss(australia brand, if you watch australia's next top model, you'll know what i'm talking about) can you resist the color? oh me not, i'm not a lipstick wearer more to gloss person :D

Urban Decay Show Pony (already in Indonesia, will arrive at my door in few days) YIPPIE

actually this is some sort of highligther i think

elf daily brush cleanser, i don't wanna splurge on MAC (just YET) :D this is perfect when i'm doing make over for many faces, just spray it wiped it with tissue and we're good. we don't want bacteria in our brushes, yeah?

elf studio bronzer in cool

elf essential brushes

elf beautypedia lip edition

*picture courtesy of google and www.eyeslipface.com

Sadly, many of the ELF item was out of stock, so i'm still waiting for the buyer to restock and instead of having them in end of January as the buyer promise i'm willing to wait one month longer which means i'm gonna get it probably in februari  *sobbing*

I forgot to add, coastal scent brushes.. (already in Indonesia, still waiting for it to release from tax department) hopefully the procedure is not take forever to release these brushes. I order it from my FD friend that open a spree, i kinda forgot which brushes that i bought, because i bought several and she said some of of it were out of stock, so we'll see which brushes i'm gonna get.
If you guys are curious about this coastal scent brushes here's the link to it's website


travel vacum bag

F21 Leatherette Zip Up Jacker in teal *loveeee its color*
 *picture courtesy of F21 and naturelle fashion outlet in FD you can find it here (but you have to be a member to order)
F21 Modern Moto Jacket in Olive
Actually this jackets are not the first thing that i ordered, but the jacket that i want was out of stock so i got this two instead since the price is almost the same if i got that one jacket with this two so i think it's a bargain, loving this two also *but kinda hoping they'll restock the jacket that i'm drolling about* tried to get the pictures but already not available, oh hoohh... broke my heart.