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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today's Outfit + Hair do + FOTD

*thank you to my new followers, love you ladies* ^^

Today was hectic!
Simply says i hate (my) uni!!!!!!! *arggghhh*

But i can manage to look smart (at least on my thought) *wink*
I just realized, everytime i went to uni, i ALWAYS wear black. It showed how gloomy i am :'(
yeah, you can see the jeans is too long for me, and i don't have a heart to cut it because i love the bottom so much :D

top : unbranded (less than $10)
jeans : TRF by ZARA *forgot the price*
shoes : unbranded
bag : unbranded ($5) I love the detail, and roomy for my stuff too (READ : PAPERS)

Can you believe it if i said i got NO make up pouch in my bag? I just simply throw a lipgloss there, i DON'T touch up *lazy huh*.

My hair.. i'm just in to buns lately! As you can see on my previous hair do here i do love buns lately :D

no flash

with flash (it looked a bit messy, i got lots of frizzy hair), God.. i'm hairy :D
Ribbon style, it's not as big as it looked tho...

Finally my make up :D
Just simply natural brown look...

see the bun is not so big :D
Face :
LT Pro cream foundie in "yellow something, forgot :D"
Pigeon TWC
Eyes :
LT Pro cream foundie as base
I dunno what brand trio eyeshadow (my love got it for me from TARGET - Australia)
Sari Ayu duo eyeliner and mascara
Cheek :
L'oreal blush delice in pink
Lips :
Maybelline lipgloss

Note : the blush on and the lipgloss already faded, all of this picture was taken when i got home :D *sorry*


  1. Your eyes are so big! You're so lucky!

  2. thank you... it's so sensitive tho'
    get red everytime i wear contact... but hey,"beauty is pain" hahaha...
    btw darl, going for a walk on ur blog also, u r so crafty, creative and adventurous! salute... ^^

  3. Bo bulmat lo panjang2 bener ye ... *sirikk*

  4. kalo liat bulu mata adikku (COWOK) lbh sirik lagi hiks....
    uji coba nyokap gagal di aku, wkt baby digunting bulmat-nya, yg aku jadinya cm panjang...
    di adikku panjang dan LENTIK.. tidak adik *sigh*

  5. iya niihh..bulmatnya baguuss...

    eh, emang punya adek loe diapain kok panjang dan lentik?
    kirain gunting bulmat waktu masih bayi cuma mitos.bener ya?

  6. @poo : it's true ternyata.. ada anak bayi di kost-an juga lentik banget bulu matanya digunting pas bbrp bulan ama maminya, jadinya skrg lentik dan pnjang.... :D

  7. waaahhh...
    musti dicoba ntar kalo dah punya baby
    daripada ntar kaya temenku,ribut mulu gara2 bulmatnya pendek
    ehh..malah dia potong pas dah gede saking sebelnya

  8. @ Poo : wahaha... itu bakal numbuh lagi kok, cuman jadi makin bandel yang ada kl motongnya udah gede. susah ngejepitnya (bulmatku penah gak sengaja kepotong pas pinjem penjepit temenku)