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Saturday, January 22, 2011

HOW I Store My Shoes (or should i say keeping them from dust?)

In Indonesia, there's not many of organizer stand or wardrobe organizer. Usually we got it from OL if we wanna buy IKEA stuff or something similar. We got Ace Hardware stores, but in Bandung the stuff not as many as in Jakarta so sometimes it's a little bit tricky to organize your stuff (especially when you are living in dorm house like me). But i got excited, there's many OL shopping here that makes shoes organizer, even underwear organizer. When i see there's someone that sold her preloved shoes organizer, i decided why not get them for trial, because i still need underwear organizer and bag organizer also.

when it comes this morning, i saw the packaging is kinda small, hm... it only made of fabric and plastic not really good plastic but it was ok for the price i think $7 plus shipping to my place. I'm not really in love with it because it's quality is so so.. but hey, for keeping it from dust and organize i think it really do the job.

hehehe... i put my fav heels under my tv table :D there's 5 shoes inside and some notes that i used to write down schecule, shopping list. OMG i'm so not organized...

hollaaa... my messiness :D

AFTER using shoe organizer, it consist of 10 shoes separator bot really fits the whole collection tho' but shoes that i didn't get rid of the boxes still stay outside
Do you ladies think, i need more shoes organizer?

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