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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why Beauty on Budget?

I probably should tell you guys, a little bit about me.. why i came up with this idea of beauty. I came from a very good background of family, my parents provide everything we need. But not spoiling us... They teach us that money has to be earned, and make us helped in our family business since we were kids. Which i love about, i learned a lot how to deal with costumers, how to read character, how to fight to get what you want. If we want something fancy, well... we have to be good in something, it's like a reward. Took me few years to realized that it's a very good way to raise a child, and built their character. I watched my parents drugstore since i was in 4th grade :) watching the cash register only, of course haha... not giving the costumers their meds. We got profesional to do that. And in my 5th grade my parents send me to other city for school, which is a very good private school, and kinda shocking me a little bit, cause it was full of RICH people.  So different from my old public school, that only got one class room for every grade.You seriously can get 5th grade student already gambling fifty thousand rupiah in a row (it was huge amount  of money back then, almost 1 week of my groceries, food and pocket money). Its so common in my school. I was a little tomboy, so i didn't pay attention to clothes, shoes, sandals, i just make sure that i'm always in top 5 in my class. 

Years later, i got into uni in Maranatha Christian University which is just another high maintenance university haha.. u can find Ferrari in the parking lot, seriously.. which is kinda rare in Indonesia :) Students ride their own Jaguar to uni. Sounds yummy hm..
But there pretty much my story begin, i started to know make up and dress up just in obligation to my choir (i joined Maranatha Christian University Choir). Because we perform a lot, and people get pale and ugly without make up on stage (make sense, with 10 huge lighting shine through your face). My dad bought me my first make up kit, can you believe it? Haha.. i'm apple of my daddy's eyes :p and it get to my mind that the cheap stuff that i just accidentally throw on to complete my outift always get, "Wow, it's cute... Where'd you get that?" that made me realize that yeah.. MONEY CANNOT BUY TASTE!!! I see a lot people wearing branded stuff from head to toe but they just look *sorry* ordinary. 
Coco Channel said," Fashion fade, but style remains forever". I couldn't agree more!

With this blog i hoped that i can helped or inspired *blah* people that really really wanna look chic without have to spend all of their money to one single look!
I really adore those reality show, that doing make over for people that so unfashioned (that's not a word i know :p), making look book for mom or teacher or college girls, giving them a trendy look that they can pull of by their own afterwards. I wanna have my own make over saloon one day, or boutique or my own fashion line that people can stop by and get the look for the whole season with several outfit with minimum budget.

I fancy designer clothes, handbags, i'm craving for high line cosmetics... but i'm a budgeted girl, so i only can afford it once in a while.. But it's not gonna stop me to look FABULOUS *wink*...

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