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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Recent Beauty Purchase

My housemates, asked me to company them to buy some of decorative beauty products that they need. I was like, "Uh Oh, i'm gonna be drolling in the beauty stores". And i promise myself already to just buy the things that already in my list. So far i succeeded (blah.. who am i kidding, the stuff that i asked was 80% Out Of Stock so i ended up just like buying 2) hahaha...

I bought one waterproff mascara and the lip palette... yippie....
Without further a do, here they are ladies...
waterproof mascara

the brushes, i like

they have a new packaging, not the silver palette on my previous post

oh god, i'm not a lipstick wearer person but i lurve all the colors

swatch - no flash

swatch - with flash

after washing and rubbing 3 times - with flash

after washing and rubbing 3 times - no flash
Time for review? Hm.. what shud i say...

Evanysenses waterproof mascara, i decided to bought this because my holy grail mascara (Maybelline - Volume Express) just run out and currently i just have one duo mascara and eyeliner from Indonesia beauty brand (Sari Ayu), so far i like that.
And this evanysenses waterproof mascara i'm gonna use this mascara only if i'm using fake lashes... I like to apply mascara if i'm wearing fake lashes, it gives more drama to my eyes and helped my original lashes to pop up more. As i promise will upload my routine when wearing fake lashes soon, keep reading :D
I think this brand specialize in skincare such as body lotion and scrub and beauty wash at the beginning, i didn't know they already expand to decorative products. I need more experiment on this so i can give you guys the full review. Don't worry i'm gonna be brutally honest :D

Pro's :
  1. Cheap
  2. Really did the job, for it's price
  3. Easy to clean (i only used my baby oil to clean this)
Con's :
  1. I'm not sure if its gonna be dried quickly or not
  2. Kinda doubt to wear it without any fake lashes
Repurchase : MAYBE

Wardah Lip Palette, since i'm not a lipstick wearer person. I don't have much lipstick, and it kinda give me a hard time when doing someone's make up. So i decided to get this cheap version from Indonesia Beauty Brand since the ELF lip edition that i ordered last December hasn't arrive yet.
I love all the colour, surprisingly :D

Pro's :
  1. Cheap
  2. The texture is moist
  3. Neutral colour
Con's :
  1. Hate the brushes
  2. Have to apply it twice to get the nice color, if only once it just look like sheer lipgloss
Repurchase : Yes, for doing "Thank You Project"

Hope this post is usefull for you ladies :)

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