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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thank You Project!

It's not that i'm a professional or something, i just love to play with my make up. And seeing my work, kinda makes me happy, doing make over and painting in someone's face really fun.

I joined choir at my uni, Maranatha Christian University Choir. We kinda did good for this decade :D every year we won every national choir competition since 2001 and we did pretty good in international too, we won like 3 different competition in Europe since 2005. Last year achievement for us was pretty amazing, we got 1st place in choir competition in Spittal, Austria for 2 categories (Musica Sacra and Folk Song), and got best conductor award, best interpretation of the song, and favourite from the judges and audiences. Kinda amazing, why? We broke the record, none of any choir has ever even won in both categories for 47 years,but we got 5 award of them. I can't be more PROUD!
Check this link out for details, sorry it's in Bahasa not in English ^^
And here's another review by the largest of Indonesian newspaper

If you guys wanna check it out, here's some link of our performances : (if the link doesn't want to open *forgive me for such being an idiot when it comes to technology* just simply type : maranatha christian university choir in youtube.

And for many concert we're forced to do quick hair do and make up, sometimes in 30 and 15 minutes. I know...it's kinda AAARGH.. but we're getting used to it and pretty good at it tho' (the bright side). And for me, the other advantages is my friends usually ask me to do their make up so sometimes i ended up with their face also in those pretty quick minutes :D
For ilustration, if we got concert or competition in the night let say around 7 PM, we have to stand by at 12 PM, eat lunch and doing run though untill 5 PM, then we got time to eat dinner and prepare for make up, costumes and everything. At 6 PM we have to be set ready for last vocalizing and sit to wait for the concert. So sometimes if i have to do make up for my friends i have to cheat on my meal time, and i have to set myself pretty quick then i can helped them.
Therefore i'm kinda good working under pressure and can work pretty fast doing make up.
If i'm not joining the concert or competition which is very rare (i love to sing in this choir) i usually come to helped them with the make up, because we sing Indonesian Folk Songs a lot (which include costumes and hair accesories) and dance in the same time so the make up has to be bold and stunning (mind the minimum 10 big lighting lamp).
I couldn't find many of the pictures but i'll do my best showing (off :D) to you guys some pictures of my make over.
Do enjoy ^^

PICCC in Traditional Bugis Costume

the girl in the center, my make up. but i didn't do much, she's pretty already

me and the pretty ladies and my traincase (it's heavy)

the left one, i did hers but not the gorgeous curly ladies, she's good with her own already :)

In Balinese costumes (OMG i'm still fatso that time)

the boys and the girls

me in the red cardigan

because of we didn't have any budget to make a new evening gown, i come up with the idea using colourful bolero instead, cost us only $3.5.

too bad you guys can't see the boys shawl, it's in matching color with the girls bolero

SING "all the (not everyone is) single ladies.. all the single ladies" :D

Modified traditional costumes, more easier to wear than Balinese costumes

a journey for your ears to ASIA ^^ in different costumes

my friends recital (after show), this was like ages ago.. i'm surprised i still have this pictures, i did all of their make up

pardon of my mouth please (i was the one on the right side)

the HALLOWEEN party idea (celebrating anniversary of my choir)

pretty much nothing to do, just playing around

can u say "whoop whoop", weekend with the girls

make up for stage, she doesn't have lid AT ALL :s but she turns out pretty gorgeous i think
i helped with the design of the evening gown, didn't turn out exactly what i want it tho' (from the colour and the model of the sleeves hiks.. )

Probably the most expensive evening gown that we made, but worth it and as u guys can see the design of the gown is different according to every body shape of the girl. Many choir using red colour after our concert hahaha... (didn't mean to brag but the next year of national competition we did saw red everywhere for the evening gown of the other choir contestant )

u guys only can see my hand :( in front of the girl in the left side
I have to add tho, not all of the girls make up was by me if i'm also singing in the concert or competition but if im not singing, probably 70% of their make up was by me. Mostly in every concert that i also sang,i helped like (the most) 8-10 of them (from foundation to finish look), or give advice and doing the final look for the girls (even just choosing the right shade of the lipstick and blush on). And i did design some of the evening gown of our concert and responsible of choosing the matching accesories and decided what colour of shoes fits the evening gown.
It's pretty funny, some of them actually request for my helped since like 2 weeks before the concert and there's actually a long waiting line on my "wannabe" make up booth haha.. And even tho' sometimes we got helper from other extra curricular organization from our uni (the theater TOPENG) but the girls prefer i did their make up. Maybe because i'm rambling a lot and giving them tips what will work best on their face (which i got it from magazines and a lot of practice, and currently youtube beauty gurus). I believe if we share our knowledges, it will enriched us more :)

I'm sorry for neglecting the fashion session, it's just i need to post this pictures because some potential clients wants to see them and i think it's gonna be a simple portofolio for my make over project and a little bit dragging and showing off my choir hahaha...


  1. hi mada,
    I loveee.. your blog. ga nyangka kalo baru bikin Januari ini. baguusss kok..
    ternyata dikau multi talented yaa.. and georgeous too.. good job.

    eniwei, request dong tutorial buat make up stage. apalagi katanya sering mepet gitu waktunya. share dong saayyy... pengen belajar niihhh...

    tengkiuu.. ^^

  2. Dirimu membuatku terbang nih.....
    Aku mau pingsan trus bangun lagi ah hahahaha......
    Will do say, thanks for the request and suggestion also for following me, helped me a lot to do next post!