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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Shoes can change someone's life instantly, just ask Cinderella ( I really love this quote, i read it on www.fashionesedaily.com ).
What do you think? I think it's important, and oh... they are pretty.

I love flats, wedges and heels... but i can't wear heels as much as i want because the road to my house is so rocky, i feel pity to the heels... :p unless my friends is picking my up or i go by cab.
Therefore i wear flats almost everyday.
But my current passion is wedges, no reason! Just comfy and cute!

Here's some sneak peak to my shoes glossary... hm.. not much but i'm in love with all of them!

From left to right, top to bottom
Row 1 : x.m.l, unbranded, Charles&keith, unbranded
Row 2 : unbranded, Michella, unbranded jeans flats, Parachute

From left to right
Michella, unbranded

From left to right
Rotelli, unbranded, ASOS, unbranded

From left to right
Delicious, Bellagio, unbranded, Chystalis

From left to right
Galdy, Heatwave

I'm in serious need of one pair of sandals, more colourful flats (thinking of rubi shoes or doe shoes), WEDGES (black or cream) and LOTS MORE STATEMENT SHOES :D

Yeah, i know.. i don't have sneaker, my friends just laughed at me whenever i'm wearing one.. so they're gone to garage sale :D I probably sold like 10 pairs of shoes on my garage sale, and some of them i give away to my house maid.
Some of this shoes was old, seriously got them like 2 years ago only the delicious and ASOS shoes that i bought before christmas. Is it time to do some shoe shopping?

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