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Just an average master degree student, currently working on my thesis and doing make over in my spare time IF i'm not shopping LOL... I can be reach at imelda_husin@yahoo.co.id if you guys want me to review your products or sponsorship or simply wanna chat. Thank you...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Upcoming Post is Gonna be about :

  1. My actual not "Thank You Project" 3 different faces gonna be upload girls... ^^
  2. My recent fashion haul, and the arrival of my very first Urban Decay *i know you probably think, where have i been?. I've been saviingggg :D*
  3. My wish list, or should i say never ending wish? :p
  4. My bags collection *nothing branded but they're my babies* 
  5. Tutorial about make up for sure... (recently the talking about fake lashes is so HOT in my forum so i'm thinking of making eye tutorial, like how to wear a fake lashes, how to choose fake lashes that fits the type of your eyes, and maybe gonna do a make over inspired by Taylor Swift in her new v-clip -MINE-.. love her look)
  6. Or, any suggestion or request girls? Let me know, i'll try my best to fulfill it :D

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