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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I need to find my own 'geek'!!!

Okay, i admit! I suck at technology. I don't even know how to pimp my blog, it's gonna be HOMEWORK for me.
I apologize for this very very traditional look of my blog, but i promise you that all of you will see progress (well, may not now but soon).
Since my 2011 fashion stuff haul didn't arrive yet, n i'm still picking up the "so last year" outfit to complete my previous blog, i can't make the second part yet.
So i decided to do something silly that might entertain you guys, n hopefully put a smile or giggle in you adorable faces.


This is long time ago actually, my friend volunteered to be my model so... ENJOY ^^

His name is Andrie Tobing, he's married now.. and he and his wife are expecting a baby.. I kinda miss him and his lovely wife, they're a very dear friends of mine. They move to his hometown, Pontianak. Far away from Bandung, west Java.
Wish you well bro!

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