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Friday, January 14, 2011

Today's Outfit : The Whole items are under $30 ^^

Hai everyone...
I'm excited, i got two beautiful followers... Hey to you guys... thank you, much appreciated. Feel free to drop any comment or just rambling around :)

Today i got a choir rehearsal, for my friends holy matrimony in February. It took place at my uni (Maranatha Christian University in Bandung, West Java Indonesia), just about 10 minutes walking and i'm not going anywhere afterwards so i decided just go with the casual look.

Please forgive the lighting as always :D only took it with my cellphone camera.
Well, here you go :)
Top : I got it on Fashion Outlet in Bandung, $6 (my love bought it for me tho' :D)

Bad lighting i know :(

jeans : it's a gift from my friend, it didn't fits her anymore

earrings : Stroberi outlet in Istana Plaza Bandung $1

One of the biggest shopping market in Bandung, Pasar Baru $6

OK, i noticed that too.. my knee hahaha.... the details of the blazer and  i bought it on flea market in Bandung, Pasar Gedebage for only $1.5 (God!!!)
 top $6 + blazer $1.5 + earring $1 + shoes $6 + bag $15 = $ 29.5

I took a shawl with me tho' it's plain broken white just in case the weather got a little bit colder, but i didn't use it so i'm not posting it. And the bag is H&M, i got in online for around $15 (not include shipping to my place). But i forgot to take picture of the detail, but u guys can see it on my second post tho'

That pretty much it, i'm excited for the weekend tomorrow... Really wanna getting "doll-up", you guys know what i mean... make up, heels, and dress. WOHOOO....

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