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Monday, January 24, 2011

Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day is coming :D

I know, i'm in long distance relationshi(T) :D but that didn't stop me to do a look for that exciting upcoming V-day, also since i'm celebrating Lunar new year (ang pao, ang pao) i'm excited to do the make up at least for this Lunar new year.

I used purple pinkish eye shadow, i'm drolling for wet n wild coloricon in night-elf eyeshadow palette it has a nice red color in it but it's holiday "limited" edition, even people that lives in US was so hard to find it.
*picture courtesy of google

But i have to be satisfied with what i got, so i ended up with my 88 shimmery eye shadow palette from coastal scent, the picture didn't show the gradation of eye shadow but IRL (In Real Look) it kinda give a nice purple pinkish look.

me with my glasses, already wearing this one for 2 years
i found this pic, from my cellphone (now you can see the colour) hehehe.. the eyebrow was a little bit uneven :p
 PS : only the last pic was taken with my cellphone, the rest is from my webcam ^^

Maybeline BB cream
LT Pro TWC palette (the darker shade to give a bronze look)

Aubeau eye shadow base
88 shimmery palette
Evany senses mascara
Pixy Liquid eye liner

Inez blush on no 4 in autumn rose

Wardah lip palette exclusive in 37
TBS nude lipstick

Tammia foundation brush
Etude brush
Masami Shouko small blending and smokey eyes brush
Unbranded cheek contouring brush (big and small)
Lip brush (unbranded)


  1. mirip lady gaga deh bentuk wajahnya :D

  2. thx for following darl, means a lot.. ^^
    and many thanks for the comment.. tapi lebih mirip lady gaga(l) deh hihihi...