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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Thank You guys, for following my blog it means a lot for me..(Welcoming my new followers, heart you) ^^

PS : special for wilwolz, i hope you don't mid i put your amazing pictures here, can't wait to read your next post, traveling around the world..

I celebrate halloween with my dearest chorister, with big theme " Hallow in PSM". PSM stands for Paduan Suara Mahasiswa, which is the same like university choir. I love my choir so much, gave me so much experience and build (not only my voice) but my personality. Simply said i'm a better person because of this.
I'm more determined, focus, and great working under pressure (wait a minute sounds like i'm applying for a job, seems like i'm writing a resume) hahaha....
We didn't celebrate halloween actually in Indonesia, but this past few years since so many expatriate that works here which our culture becomes more and more mixed and getting modernized so why not we celebrate hallowen also.
Enjoy the picture.. since this is the first time i'm attending costumes party and didn't have much time to pick or rent costumes, my other fellas they RENT it :D (read : i'm stingy, don't want to spend like $20-30 just to costumes), so i ended up just buying a pair of nice falsies instead hahaha....
this is us, the very first generation of PSM Maranatha

we have cat, prince in disquise (my dearest conductor), japanese dolls, poison ivy, and me in "i dunno" :D
the left one, i love how he jumped! cool... is wilwolz, he took the rest of the pics that i upload here
let's just say this is sexy thief :D


job done, stealing... YOUR HEART bahahhaa..

like my eyes? :D

what do you think?


  1. Thank you so much for the follow! ^^

  2. whuahhh kak mada cantikkkkk in black :)

  3. @ audrey ; you're welcome ^^
    @ wilwol ; i'll follow ur 'journey' also, nice lifestyle blog u have.. harus berguru padamu nih mengedit2 foto :D