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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Today's Outfit

Being a member of www.fashionesedaily.com seriously improve my imagination, in basically how to dress up and how to look gorgeous and to play with your beauty tools. Lately (yeah i know it's kinda late, but hey... better late than being called "so last year" hehehe...) i love to take pictures of what i'm wearing and post it and get reviews from the other member of the forum, so i know what to improve and what's not good for me. But in my world, you can wear anything you want as lng as you feel good about it and confident when wearing it.

Here's is my today's outfit guys...

detail of the earings
Top : unbranded
Jeans : TRF - ZARA
Shoes : Bellagio
Cardigan : You know it, i post it on my previous blog *wink*

As you guys can see, you can improve your whole look by just adding one statement accesories.

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