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Monday, January 24, 2011

Since i'm going away for Lunar New Year (Mommy.... i'm home), sneak peak of my USA Beauty and Fashion Haul

I'm excited to give you ladies a sneak peak of my upcoming beauty and fashion (that so not on budget) haul.
I know, but i'm think we should at least invest on some items that a little bit pricey, since you pay for the quality. And for some of you this maybe not that expensive but for me... hm.. this is a bit :D

napoleon perdis limited edition lipgloss(australia brand, if you watch australia's next top model, you'll know what i'm talking about) can you resist the color? oh me not, i'm not a lipstick wearer more to gloss person :D

Urban Decay Show Pony (already in Indonesia, will arrive at my door in few days) YIPPIE

actually this is some sort of highligther i think

elf daily brush cleanser, i don't wanna splurge on MAC (just YET) :D this is perfect when i'm doing make over for many faces, just spray it wiped it with tissue and we're good. we don't want bacteria in our brushes, yeah?

elf studio bronzer in cool

elf essential brushes

elf beautypedia lip edition

*picture courtesy of google and www.eyeslipface.com

Sadly, many of the ELF item was out of stock, so i'm still waiting for the buyer to restock and instead of having them in end of January as the buyer promise i'm willing to wait one month longer which means i'm gonna get it probably in februari  *sobbing*

I forgot to add, coastal scent brushes.. (already in Indonesia, still waiting for it to release from tax department) hopefully the procedure is not take forever to release these brushes. I order it from my FD friend that open a spree, i kinda forgot which brushes that i bought, because i bought several and she said some of of it were out of stock, so we'll see which brushes i'm gonna get.
If you guys are curious about this coastal scent brushes here's the link to it's website


travel vacum bag

F21 Leatherette Zip Up Jacker in teal *loveeee its color*
 *picture courtesy of F21 and naturelle fashion outlet in FD you can find it here (but you have to be a member to order)
F21 Modern Moto Jacket in Olive
Actually this jackets are not the first thing that i ordered, but the jacket that i want was out of stock so i got this two instead since the price is almost the same if i got that one jacket with this two so i think it's a bargain, loving this two also *but kinda hoping they'll restock the jacket that i'm drolling about* tried to get the pictures but already not available, oh hoohh... broke my heart.

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