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Saturday, January 22, 2011

How I Store My Brushes

Famous make up artist, i tried to find out who his name was but forgot and lazy to google it out *forgive me* says that, " When it comes with make up, if your budget is tight go with brushes instead of decorative product". -It's by Darwyn Tse-

Make sense, because the brushes is essential to apply your decorative beauty product. Yes finger is the most effective tool and FREE but when it comes to apply foundation, loose powder and eye shadow it's just too much work, in my humble opinion :D

Most of my brushes isn't branded.. i buy it separately one by one, not all in one time. And there's some E.L.F brushes and coastal scent brushes that i still not get yet because it took like 3-4 weks to get to Indonesia. I ordered my upcoming brushes from a spree that FD's member offered. But sadly the E.L.F brushes is out of stock, instead of getting refund i decided to wait a month longer. But i think my coastal scent brushes is coming soon, our prediction is not less than 1 week more *YEAYY*

Usually i stack them altogether in standing tube, but it's kinda hard to get one of them if i need to use one of the brushes. So it take like forever to choose one brushes, which is i don't like spend too much time on make up, i prefer doing my make up quick :D

And when i saw one of my friend, she's majoring in design btw, bring her pencil n brushes case, i was like.. FINALLY i got a new style to store my brushes. I know later that many of the FD member already use it to store their brushes and make up *DANNGGG*. But thinking about buying it online which takes time to arrived in my place... i decided ah later on lah...

But when i went to get myself a measure ribbon in a store near my uni, i saw there's like one box exactly like my friend is using. I got excited, not to mention the price oh so cheap $2.2. I got the big one, the medium one was like $1.5 and the small one was $1.3.

Curious? Here's how it looks like *big grin*

the full look and the seal is pretty good
it got a separator inside that you can customize with your need
if using the separator

the separator is good, it has like line on the top that makes you easier to pull off

it fits all of my brushes and sponge
when opened
I didn't put my beauty blender sponge and ecotools brushes inside because i got the cute pouch along with the brushes so i put them inside my train case. And this box is so multipurpose and makes me easier to travel even it fits inside my train case. So happy i finally get this :D


  1. hi mada,
    liat posting kamu yang ini ga tahan buat komentar..hehehehe..
    emang cari tempat brush gampang2 susah yaaa..
    tau ga aku pake apa?tempat sendok! huahahahahhaha...
    eniwei, kamu order coastal scents brushes dimana say?langsung dari webnya?

  2. dasar tukang lenong,nyaut aje giliran beginian wkwkwk...
    eh... dulu juga aku pernah pake t4 sendok, warna orange... lucu.. tapi berhubung waktu itu brushnya dikit jadi sedih ngeliatnya akhirnya pake stand warna pink fucshia dari plastik merk lion star itu hhahaha....

    untung nemu ini di dkt kampus say, aku pesen coastal waktu itu nebeng si honey_bee anak FD, banyak yang oos juga hiks.. tapi gpp lah... wong mau jajan brush di lapak jule ntar abis gajian :D

  3. hahahahhahha....
    sesama tukang lenong tau laahh kalo brush tu penting banget, ya ga?
    kapan2 aku posting tempat brushku deh, sama meja riasnya yang 'ajaib' hehehehe..

    brushnya coastal sama jule bagus mana?harganya sama ya?

  4. asikkk... poo baik deh..
    i alwaays loveee to take a sneak peak on people stuff when it comes to make up.
    HURRRYYY, can't wait :D

    hm... kalo dari review youtube, brush coastal scent itu bagus (UNTUK HARGANYA) :)
    tapi kan kita ordernya lama, kecuali ikutan PO or nebeng custom purchase waktu kayak aku kemaren say..
    brush dari lapak jule direkomen abis ama bu mod di FD, n sampe di tangan kita itu cepet (dia shipping semingu 2 kali), aku pribadi mau ngelengkapin brush dari jule aja, 187-nya small n medium crease plus satu set purple itu.
    *maaak jule, boleh udah nih saya dikasih diskon wkakakka* #usaha...

  5. hahahaha...
    kalo diskonan juga aku mauuu..
    *ngikut aja*

    eniwei, dah kuposting tuh tempat brushnya

  6. *meluncur*
    PS : say, si mba mayang buka PO coastal scents tuh... aku gak ikutan, pengen jajan brush dari lapak si mak juleha aja (baca : GAK SABAR NUNGGU PO) hahaha...

  7. say, mau tanya
    dikau punya brushnya masami shouko ga?
    beli di mana?
    kok aku cari di jgj ga ada yaa...

  8. Ada say, itu yang sebelan kanan ada 5 si masami shouko ini :)
    di matahari n sogo ada kok, banyak.. mostly diskon lagi 20%... good luck, selamat berburu ^^