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Friday, January 14, 2011

MY FIRST MAKEUP step by step picture (it's kinda long, u guys have been warned)!!!

Hai everyone...

Are you guys excited about the upcoming weekend? I know i do, i got a birthday party to attend, it's a private birthday party probably just 7-8 people attending, but i'm pretty excited because it's my bestfriend birthday party. And i decided to try out a simple green smokey look because i really in to bright make up lately, to pop my eyes out.
Without further a do, here it is :) the STEP BY STEP
(It's gonna be a lot of picture, forgive me hehe)
Highlight : LA GIRL MY STIC
face : FANBO TWC in Kuning Langsat (less then $1)
Eyebrow : LYRA eyebrow pencil in chocolate, that's how i draw my brow. The pencil is to measure the end of the brow line. (less than $2)
AUBEAU eye shadow base ( around $2.50)

COASTAL SCENT 88 shimmer palette (light turqoise color in the lid)
ETUDE brushes to draw the outer V (using green color) and blend it a bit with brown on the crease but i prefer half of the crease because i have hooded eyelid  (tips from my FD friend, thanks JuneBug)
MAC gel liner and using slanted eye shadow brush to apply
Fake Lashes by JOLLY (a dozen pair just $2.50)

INEZ blush on in Autumn Rose apply using mini kabuki by ecotools (Inez is around $3-4, depends on where you get it)
ULTA bronzer
Apply in the depth of the cheek using large contouring brush (unbranded)
REVLON lipgloss apply with brushes, and Just Miss lipstick pencil in rose

PS : $ 1 = around Idr 9.000
Forgive for the back ground, i know the bed sheet didn't match strawberry with american flag :s . But i just put the matching american bed sheet to loundry hehe.... At least it's still red :p
I hope you guys enjoyed my step by step make up tutorial, and i will post some of my "Thank You Project" on make up later. What's "Thank You Project"? It's when i did make up for my friends and didn't get paid :D

I used a lot of make up decorative products from INEZ, it's local beauty brand from Indonesia which currently becomes my favourite. You guys can check it on their website what did they have www.inez.co.id
What i love about them are, they're pigmented and cheap also comes in many range of colour and products. The eye shadows comes in many shade and it's still pigmented even if you're not using eye shadow base at all. Blush on is kinda tricky, u have to apply it in smooth motion because it's super pigmented, that's why i using baby kabuki to apply it and then blend it outward with larger brush along with the light bronzer. The eyebrow pencil is also pretty good but because i was too lazy to find my sharpener i'm using the LYRA one instead on this tutorial, maybe i'll write and swatch this INEZ products soon both on darker skintone (like myself) and lighter skintone (as soon as i find someone who will volunteer become my model haha..).


  1. loving the make up! tapi kok matamu selalu merah sih? is it because of the contacts?
    ohiya coba dong di post foto2 brush make up mu, aku pengen liat2 hihi

    btw besok aku disuruh bantu2 make up di syuting iklan nih, cowok sih, wish me luck ya hehehehe

    ps. i have a blog but havent updated it recently so if you click the link on my name you'll see my old stuff hehe

  2. okay beb.. will check on ur blog ASAP (like NOW) haahaaha..
    i'm planning to so it soon the pic of brushes that i used, gosh u can read my mind :)
    i hope it went well darl, i know u'll do great on ur project ^^