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Sunday, January 30, 2011

This is what i use for my daily make up...

Hai, everyone...
Today i'm just gonna do today's outfit and introduce you guys to some of the products that i currently use for my daily make up.
As you guys can see, i'm getting a hair do. Because i don't want to cut it short, i just cut my bangs (i got this style like 2 years a go actually but with bob hair, and since my hair is long already i recreate it) at a beauty saloon near my house just 5 mins walking, first trial and i'm dissapointed, what i hate about my hair do today is my hair stylist decide to curl it instead of make it straight like i requested, he said that my face looks better with curly style. He insist tho' i'm like yeah whatever i'm not arguing i'm just gonna cut your tip (but still giving him, just not as much as i tip my regular hair stylist).

Anyway here's my today's outfit... just simple white shirt and short also sandal.
seriously, it's weekend and beside me there's no costumer else in that saloon *probably a sign that this is not a good saloon*

top : unbranded 
short : unbranded (i like the bow) 
sandal : charles & keith
accesorries : unbranded necklaces ( i used 3 different shape), connector ring from F21 -see pic below-

the picture was taken after i got home, as usual :D

Decorative products :
Clinique moisture surge - in sample size
Maybelline BB cream
Marcks loose powder in creme
MAC fluid gel liner (broken i de-pot it) with black eyeliner
Revlon wet/dry in chocolate bar
Sari Ayu duo eye make up (liquid eye liner and mascara)
Mustika Ratu oxygenated spray

Tools : unbranded brush

What to note is this marcks loose powder less than $1 but my dermatologist reccomend it, because it has minimun chemical in it. So it's good for your face, i don't know how it's gonna be in oily skin, but in my combination skin it works very well.
Also this mustika ratu oxygenated spray, i like it.. i think it works as well as evian water mist, good to set your make up, i prefer to used it after i'm done with my make up for daily, but when i have big event i used it before foundation and as finishing after doing all my make up.

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