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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hai ladies,

How's the fashion and make up going? Good or bad? Does my post a bit help? Or do i need to do more? Please do tell ^^ so i can do better...

Since i'm getting bored of working on my thesis, instead of posting in the middle of the night like i usually did, i'm gonna take a break and tell you guys more about this counterfeiting. It come accross my mind since in my studied time when i'm on my post grad program, i did presentation about fashion, and bags and actually i won a presentation from many professor when i did presentation about Hermes, and Coach bag -with my lovely partner Sisca, and Counterfeiting. A lot huh, i guess i just have passion when it comes to beauty and fashion :p As a reward i got so many books, YEAY which in Indonesia books are expensive (especially imported books).

I tried to put in here about my presentation, but since my lappie was infected by virus i lost  all of my data *see i even can't upgrade my anti virus by myself*.
I once watch in American Next Top Model how much the industry lost every year from counterfeiting ($92.2) THAT CAN BE USED TO FEED AFRICAN FOR MONTHs... dooh!

What is counterfeiting? Wikipedia says :
A counterfeit is an imitation, usually one that is made with the intent of fraudulently passing it off as genuine. Counterfeit products are often produced with the intent to take advantage of the superior value of the imitated product. The word counterfeit frequently describes both the forgeries of currency and documents, as well as the imitations of clothing, software, pharmaceuticals, watches, electronics and company logos and brands. In the case of goods, it results in patent infringement or trademark infringement.
What i'm gonna rambling about is counterfeiting in consumer goods commonly known as "knockoffs", majoring in accesories and apparel,of course since i got so much curiosity about this sections :D
Wal-Mart was sued by Fendi because one of their division which is "Sam's CLub"sold fake Fendi's in 5 states, Tiffany & Co sues eBay for allowing their member to sold counterfeit items. And many more....

Why this counterfeiting can happens and how it happens?
When it comes to expensive or desirable brands! Why? Because the consumer getting deceived easily by cheap price with excuse that it's been manufactured in other city that pays so little for their labor. Some of the counterfeiting knock offs also produced in it's real company. How is it happen? The counterfeiting stuff was made by inferior material, but produced in the same company. Ck..ck...
Yes, i learn about that and i'm not gonna bored you ladies with detail why they produced there, why China, North Korea and Taiwan becomes the most massive counterfeiting was produced, simply says that they cut the payment of their labor even they PAID UNDER AGE children to do it.
Organization foe Economic Co-Operation and Development reported that every year from 2000 till 2009 worldwide has lost about $600 billion, because the number increase the least 1,97% every year which in number is about $250 billion each year and getting higher.

How to tell counterfeits from its original brand you can search here (there's some link how to tell fake uggs, fake Tiffany, etc)

Because this is a massive issues of industry currently there is a non-profit international organization that fights counterfeit, called International AntiCounterfeiting Coallition here's where you can find further information IACC this is some description what this organization do "The International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition is the world's largest non-profit organization devoted solely to protecting intellectual property and deterring counterfeiting. Our membership spans from automotive, apparel, luxury goods and pharmaceuticals, to food, software and entertainment. From the small privately-owned companies to large multinationals, we share one common goal–to combat counterfeiting and piracy".

I also took a little research within my friends and some of the FB seller -pretending that i'm a buyer- that sold counterfeit items (because i was a victim too, they give me a fake MAC once).
Why people buy counterfeit items :
  • cheap and for some it's not look different with it's original products
  • easy to get, as you know to get one Hermes bag, you have to be in waiting list as first buyer.
  • upgrade the pride, because for some wearing counterfeit is also boost up their self confidence 
For seller :
  • it's making more money, because this counterfeit items comes in range of prices also. the more similar to it's original brand the more pricey the seller can sell
  • for some people that can't afford an original products they tend to look for the substitution. (middle range to low economic), and the seller always targeting in those market.
How to look stylish and beautiful WITHOUT using counterfeiting items?
From my own experience here's some tips that you can do, because i personally didn't like the fake knock offs. Better for me to get the second line or preloved item that buying those counterfeits (if you guys lives in Indonesia you'll know about this "KW" "KW" bags, i don't find it fascinating AT ALL).
  • Always calculate your budget first, after that please sort your stuff (Bags, Clothes, and anything that is not on your list), make a list of your priority. BY PRIORITY I MEAN BUY WHAT YOU REALLY NEED, not what you want, UNLESS YOU GOT EXTRA BUDGET.
  • Preloved items is also an option, sometimes people get bored or wanna buy a new collection, or simply move out abroad, HUNT FOR GARAGE SALE.
  • INVEST in jewelry, gold or white gold for accesories, this can be easily sold if you need money.
  • And for apparel buy a nice quality outer wear, because you'll wear it a lot, and the tops can be easily upgraded if you're wearing a nice quality of outer wear. This also applied for shoes and bags, get the best that your budget can buy you.
  • If you lives in US, UK, Australia or abroad :) far away from Indonesia you can get second line of designer products easily such as Zac Posen's dress for Target, Sonia Kashuk brushes for decorative beauty products, Mulberry bags for Target *oh... i envy you guys*.
  • Don't be sad for Indonesian readers, you can find local designer brand also that so cute and wearable such as cotton ink (the link i put is the collection of their new arrival items)
  • For beauty, if you can't afford high quality brand, always put your skin care regiment first, any product will looks good on healthy skin. Drugstore decorative product of make up (if you live in US or UK, also Australia)  is also an option, if you lives in Indonesia get those local brand of beauty instead such as Sari Ayu, Mustika Ratu, Inez.
Now happy shopping, and get pretty and please don't buy counterfeit items anymore.

if we can't change the world, we can change ourselves


  1. I just did a post like this too! ^^ I'm so glad that people are starting to realize just how bad counterfeit goods are!

  2. yes hun... TOTALLY, i've been aware about it since ages but just have courage to post it now :D
    i'm gonna check yours too.
    thank you... let's fight counterfeits together...

  3. nice post ^^
    dlm beli tas aku jg prefer beli yg tanpa merk :) (bkn KW, tas produksi sendiri)
    krn klo beli yg dgn merk, keliatan banget imitasinya dan malah ngga naikin pride -_-
    kalo kosmetik, mending jgn beli replika jg krn kualitasnya sgt diragukan, mending pilih yg lain yg lbh murah tp kualitas bs diandalkan :)

    1. YEay... mending murah sekalian tapi ada ingredients ama lolos dari POM kalo kosmetik lokal, atau nabung sekalian beli yang bagus (merk high end).
      Setuju say.... thx for stopping by dear...

  4. nice post.. setuju sama semua yang disebutkan di atas, lebih baik beli local produk yang lebih terjangkau..

    aku lebih milih local produk atau tanpa merk sekalian drpd pakai yg palsu.
    Bukan malu ma orang lain, tapi merasa brand bukan segala-galanya yg dpt meningkatkan pandangan org lain ke kita.
    Walaupun tanpa merk atau local, asal kita bisa mix n match, hasilnya bakalan bagus. ^^

    1. Iya say, emang harga gak bohong, dgn harga mahal kualitas pasti lbh bagus. Tapi kl emang budgeted, mending latihan mix n match deh :)

  6. setuju banget :O
    aku mending beli tas yang tanpa brand, kalau misal pake brand, itupun hasil 'lungsuran' si jiejie yang emang demen beli merk asli ^_^
    buat kosmetik, mending beli brand lokal yg terpercaya deh daripada merk luar yg bjakan. biasanya, kualitas kemasan bahkan cetakan brand di kmasan bisa ketauan kalau bjakan kok