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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sneak Peak to My Messy Traincase

Since i'm planning to organize all of my decorative beauty product (as soon as i'm coming back again to Bandung) here's sneak peak to my messy traincase. Basically i just throw everything there, exclude my skin care regiment.

This is just a quick post, while waiting for my video to successfully being uploaded. And i'm gonna tell you what's inside my traincase after i finish organizing ^^

my beloved super old traincase

it's broken already :(
Turns out it took forever also to upload this two pictures *sigh* while uploading the video, almost 1 hour for this two, so i decided to edit it (again) later, with the close up of each stacking.
I'm drolling over those beauty train case from Caboodles -Target, oh dear God why we don't have Target here in Indonesia *hiks*. This caboodles is so affordable starting from $15 i think, and got lot's of variety.
But i'm not complaining about this traincase tho' i love this. Been so good to me for this past 5 years :)

FINALLY i can add the other pictures :D

left side - top : curler, eyeliner, eye base, mascara. bottom : lipstick, lipgloss, lip palette

right side : top : eyeshadow. bottom : bronzer, blush on

everything from falsies to petroleum jelly to stick foundie, eye make up remover, shimmering powder, TWC, make up base, shine control, q tip, hand sanitizer


  1. Walaahh..kaya gitu kok dibilang ga banyaaak yaaa.. *gantian sirik*
    itu yang di bagian bronzer blush on, yang berderet rapi apaan bu?kayanya asyik tuh^^

    btw, aku pengen banget punya traincase belon kesampean juga. liat punyamu jadi tambah pengenn... hiks
    boleh tau ukurannya?

  2. itu yang berderet rapi, eyeshadow bu....
    blm ada apa2nya dibanding lenonganmu yang alamaak.... kupantengin trus gak bosen2... rasanya pengen ngambil satu2 trus dibuka dipelototin hahaha.....

  3. hahahahha...
    banyakan punyamu lageee...
    punyaku mah karena dipajang di meja aja
    malah aku yang pengen ngubek2 traincasemu..hohoho

    btww, itu eyeshadow apa? satu merek?
    kayanya lucu2. tapi jarang dipake ya?