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Monday, January 24, 2011

I want do re-DO my hair!

Ok.. i think i've been neglecting my hair for so long. It's time to make a make over with my hair.
The thing is, i did so many hair style already.. so kinda confuse what am i gonna do with my hair next.
Colouring is not an option, i seriously never dyed my hair before. Don't like it and i don't even consider  about it as option,period! :D

Need your suggestion, ladies. But before please take a serious look at my previous hairstyle... then please please please gimme recomendation, thank you :)


short bob hair

ponytail with high updo bang

medium bob

asymetrical medium pixie cut

bangs, but i swipe it

medium layered hair

medium layer a bit thick in the middle

asymetrical bob

found this pic, highlight my hair once, and don't like it

thin medium layer with bang

asymetrical highlight

i think this is when i didn't go to my hair stylist for like 3 month the layer already got long


long medium hair

long medium layered just a bit

medium curl

hair extension :D
The only hairstyle that i never ever tried is PIXIE hair cut, but so many people orbid me to do that. Especially my dad, so that's not an option also. Oh ow... i'm getting more confused now...


  1. You know what, I used to have a bob cut like that when I was in high school. Now that I've managed to grow my hair long, I don't want to get short or even medium-length hair again. Haha. I think you look great with medium layered hair. If you're really bored with your hair, maybe just get some highlights?

  2. dear fifi,

    i got highlight once, but it faded... i'm so dumb when it comes to dyeing my hair :D.. what color do u think will fit my skintone darl, any suggestion? thank u in advance :D
    the bob, well... i don't know how to say this in English but, i like it coz "nyolong umur book" hahaha... makes me "looks" younger... LOL

  3. mada, imo you look good with that medium bob, =D

  4. me too... me tooo....:D sadly my dad forbid me to cut my hair off, he prefer her daughter to get long hair *he still thinks that i'm actually that girly, don't have a heart to tell him that i'm actually tomboy hahaha*