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Saturday, January 1, 2011


Hi everybody, wishing all of you a very happy year ahead.
I'm kinda excited about 2011, why? Because i finally start doing my blog.
It's gonna be a blog full of my current experience of make up (what's inside my train case), doing make over, hunting cheap but chic stuff, and my review about everything basically and of course some beauty tips (from my own experience and from others beauty guru that i adore).
I kinda have no idea what to write anymore right now, still feeling the euphoria of new year (which mean being lazy).

I think i'm just gonna start with what's hot in 2011.

They said wine is the new black, is it the same with saveral years ago when they said pink is the new black. From what i observed, the trend of 2011 will be pretty much the same with 2010 but with many color variation mostly in bright color.
On the runway they dare to mix n match saveral bold color, but on the street some already start wearing it. But mix the bold color with softer shade.

It's all about statement earring, statement necklaces, statement rings... everything dat BIG, PRINTED, from metal is still HOT.

Here's some sneak peak or ideas... HOW TO wear that stuff i just mentioned above.

Not that hard to follow rite? I mean, u can still combined what u already had in your closet than to buy a new stuff... Me, personally likes to do mix n match just bought couple of statement accesories and mix it with bold outfit. So i don't have to spend much on the whole look, which i know can cost u a lot.
(This kinda give me the idea to post some of my stuff that might work one another, i will blog about it tomorrow)

PS : color statement is my tips of the day, based on my own experience. And i have to add, invest in well.. good shoes and bags (fyi : i'm craving for those designer shoes also ladies but still cant afford one YET so i get the best dat i can get. For you that lived in area that have TARGET, H&M you ladies are lucky, because many many designer already launch their affordable line example : Mulberry for TARGET, Sonia Kashuk cosmetics for TARGET) because i think it gives accent to your whole outfit.

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Some of the pictures i search from google, www.sensationalcolor.com, www.kabarinnews.com

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