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Monday, January 17, 2011

My Silvery Fantabulous Weekend

What to love about weekend? Oh.. come on, everything is to love.. 
Being lazy all day, wake up late (which is my favourite, I'M NOT A MORNING PERSON :D), enjoying tv shows, reading, going out.

Last weekend i had two big GIGs, my dearest niko's n momo's birthday party and my dearest friend and her boyfriend come to visit from Jakarta.
I came up a bit late for the dinner party because it's weekend and raining, so it's hard to find a taxi. I called like 3 of the taxi provider and none of them responed :s *all they said was like,"Sorry we still don't have the taxi yet".* hufft.... Finally because the time is running, and i have to walk like 15 minutes to the main street to find a taxi that passed by eventually,i decided to change my outfit, i was preparing a nice cute dark blue ruffles dress :(

After the long conversation updating about each other's life, and big kisses, and hugs, and praying also wishes everyone well, we're finally done. And they dropped me to my second gigs, which is meet my other gank at "TOKO U", we just had beer there*yeah, we didn't have cocktail* because we're just chillin and talking and gossiping a lot haha.. We don't wanna get drunk nor tipsy. And finally sleep over time, thank u dear Pipin for ur hospitality *smooch*

Too bad i didn't take any pictures because my cellphone was very nice and decided to ran out of batteries *sigh* (the picture below was taken from my friend's cellphone)
I decided to wear black sleeves with knitted bolero to warm me up, and a bit accessories plus silver pump shoes, wanna take a peek?

Here you go...
the whole look, what do you think?

detail of the accessories and belt

knitted silver bolero (i have a weak spot for BLING)  :D

bracelet and necklace
Where'd i get all of those stuff?
Top : Just d'orange (BTC, Bandung) $5
Knitted Bolero : FO in Bogor West Java (i got this like 3 years already) less than $10
Jegging (JEans + leGGING) : Pasar Baru, Bandung $7.5
Bracelet : one accessories boutique in BTC $2.5
Necklace : Moshi2 Boutique (Bandung) $7
Silver pump shoes : Galdy (BTC,Bandung) $10
Bags : hm... kinda forget to take picture of it (will do it on bag's session keep reading guys :D) it's just $5 and ok for daily bag...



  1. Madaaa I heart your silvery bolero, it's a smart choice to combine it with black you won't end up too much. And I really think that belt really boost up your look, btw I still waiting for your fotd, heheh

    Xoxo, hannaanindhita.bloodspot.com

  2. Thank you my future doctor :D
    Actually the belt is free darl haha... got it when i bought dress, glad that you like it *wink*