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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How I Washed My Brushes and Sponge

It can be GROSS, but if you are curious how GROSS it's gonna be then please keep reading *evil grin* 

I haven't washed my brushes for like er... almost one month already *i know i know....*

Usually i just washed my brushes and my sponge with drinking water (In Indonesia unless you install a water purifyer, it's impossible to drink tap water) and mixed it with hot water in 1 : 3 (1 hot and 3 drinking water,so you get a nice warm water) then i add baby shampoo. Yes, just that nothing else.

But i got this new method thanks to my FD friends (alphabetababy, nucky, and sheLLey for the tips) also a brush cleanser from make up tool shop i got a new routine to clean my brushes and sponge.

what you're gonna need
The brushes and sponge that you're gonna clean *DOOH...* the brush cleanser, tissue, big bowl with 1:3 (hot:cold) distilled waterfor rinse and cleansing. Brush Stand, this pink brush stand was my brushes storage, since i got the organizer, this stand usage is to place my beauty blender sponge. But today i kinda use it to place the washed brushes.
Ok i know, you must think what the hell that panty liners doing there? Keep reading :D

the cleanser, its MAGIC seriously. you can feel the oil comes out from your brushes. with one big bowl of water i just need a little amount of this cleanser. i measure it with it seal as you can see, just putting couple amount of that cleanser will do
first i tested the water with my lip brush. i  wiped it already before dipping it in to the water with baby wipes wet tissue to clean it.
i washed the brushes that i apply cream or liquid stuff first
my slanted gel eyeliner brushes - can you see the water turns black?
the water is kinda oily now, after i clean my foundie brush, my suggestion is clean your small brushes first because it will makes the water less oily when rather than when you clean your foundie brush first.
this is the final look of the water after i clean of all the brushes above (i didn't take pictures of me cleaning the brushes one by one, you guys probably can figure it out your own)
TADA... this is the purpose of the panty liner, look how clean the brushes now (the foundie brushes already look a bit brown when i bought it)
Why i used panty liners instead of tissue and cloth. IT DRY FASTER (thanks alphabetababy for the tips), it's kinda gross i know you probably don't wanna do it. But me... i'm a lazy person, it's kinda boring to wait all day to let the brush finally dry up. I used to use towel and put them all together and sleep on it, but as i said it took whole day to get dried (what i'm gonna use if i wanna apply my make up the next day?) the next day it still a little bit wet feeling but not really wet *i hoped you understand, forgive my bad english* and on the second thought, while the process of drying, bacteria can easily stick to the wet brushes and sponge, no?
BUT, if you don't wanna use panty liners you can change it to towel and paper towel.
for the small brushes i put them in tissue
and then roll them up (thanks nucky for the tips)
In this video (thanks sheLLey for the link) you can actually see cheapest way to dry your brushes rather than using brush guard  (this brush guard also can be found in make up tool shop if you lives in Indonesia. Coastal scents sell it, and many more brand that provides this if you live in US or UK). It already has explanation if you click the link.
this is how the final look how i drying it, i stick them to the brush stand (even drinking mug will do, whatever you prefer)

Now you ladies know why i'm lazy haha.. because i separate the cleaning process of my brushes that i used with powder stuff, brushes that i used to apply cream products, and liquid or cream face brushes, and sponge. I was like has to go back and refill the water after that cleaning, go back to the kitchen to fill the water, and then clean again.... until the whole brushes and sponge already done.
if you think i'm done, WRONG (final rinse, until the water is really white and didn't have anymore stain them i'm good) -see below for explanation
After cleansing all brushes and sponge, i refill the water again (this time i got a jug with me, so i don't have to go back and forth to the kitchen -fyi, the kitchen is in first floor and my room is in second floor- tiring :D) this time only use drinking water, not adding hot water to RINSE all of the brushes and sponge. Re-do all over again, if the water keep white and didn't has more stain color from the brushes and sponge, then I'M DONE
this is how i fold it so the whole brushes were covered and dried faster
i separated the sponge
final drying process.. let's wait ^^
I hope you find this post useful, and please do share your own cleaning process, i'd be more than happy to try new method.
Thank You...


  1. Astaga, gw kaget ada penampakan panty liner nya haha. Tp boleh di coba nih, abis kl kayak lagi winter gini kan lama bener keringnya.

  2. si alphabetababy lebih juara mak, dia pake pembalut :D
    lebih cepet kering katanya, panty lebih lama, tapi untuk eyeshadow brushes aku pake tissue juga cepet keringnya, paper towel lebih mantap lagi kata sheLLey.
    dicobain mak, ntar kabar2n yak gimana proses drying-nya di winter..
    thanks for stopping by anyway ^^
    PS: ur cleanser is really magic...

  3. hahaha .. sipp sipp nanti eike laporan kl dah nyobain ..

    Penyakit gw kan cm 1 , males nyuci brush hahaha ..

  4. gimana ini juragan lapak magic cleanser malah males nyuci hihihi...