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Saturday, January 22, 2011

BRUSHES that currently my favourite!

Special request from beautiful Miss Dina Andriani, asking me what brushes did i used. Hope you like this post darling :)

I NEED MORE BRUSHES.... *sobbing*

I'm currently in love with brushes from Make Up Show, i don't know where it's manufactured but in Singapore, several mall in Orchard sold it and in Indonesia our own FD member Juleha sold it, and the shipping is fast eventho' they only doing shipment twice a week. My wish list from her store is 15 set purple brushes (which i already put the picture in wish list post), the small crease brush, the 187 brush (dupe from MAC stippling brush) and 7S01 blending brush. Huft... makes me fantasize about this brushes more as i write this :'(

But i'm happy with my current brushes and my upcoming brushes :D

Here they are ladies, enjoy!

face brushes
 From Left to Right :
  • TAMMIA FOUNDATION BRUSH - use this most with liquid foundie, when using cream or mousse foundie takes more time to blend :D
  • ETUDE FACE BRUSHES - good for applying powder foundie
  • THE BODY SHOP BRUSH - shading and blending the colour on my cheek well
  • UNBRANDED CONTOUR CHEEK BRUSH - use this when apply mineral blush on
  • UNBRANDED LARGE CONTOUR CHEEK BRUSH - also for blending bronzer and blush on on my cheek, sometimes i use this for loose powder
blending brushes
  • MASAMI SHOUKO LARGE BLENDING BRUSH - it's so long i prefer the second one
  • MASAKI SHOUKE TRAVEL BLENDING BRUSH - i used this for finishing blending
  • MASAMI SHOUKO SMALL BLENDING (FOR SMOKEY EYES) - to put darker colour in outer v on my eyes
  • ETUDE BLENDING BRUSH - blending the crease and outer v
  • ORIFLAME BLENDING AND EYE SHADOW BRUSH - everything from applying eye shadow to blend, love this!
eye shadow brushes
  • MASAMI SHOUKO C EYE SHADOW BRUSH - good for applying powder eye shadow on big lid
  • MASAMI SHOUKO BIG SHADDER BRUSH - i don't really know what this for, i used it sometimes to soften the shading on my nose :D
  • MAJELIER DUAL EYE SHADOW BRUSH - for cream eye shadow
  • BRUSH FROM EYE KIT (TARGET - AUSTRALIA) -love this, does the job, from pigment eye shadow, cream to powder eye shadow
  • MAJELIER SMALL CREASE BRUSH - used it on outer v sometimes and to apply some colour on lower lash line
  • UNBRANDED DUAL EYE SHADOW BRUSH - one side is to put colour and the other side is to blend it, actually this is multi purpose also *love multi purpose brush*
miscelaneous brushes
  • LIP BRUSH - ALWAYS uses lip brush to apply your lipstick because it pick colour and blend it well on your lips, you won't get those lining when you apply direct to your mouth (for me it works, but do whatever suits you ladies)
  • MAJELIER CONCEALER BRUSH - use this to put darker shade when shading my nose
  • MAJELIER ANGELED BRUSH - basically to apply conceal and sometimes to put highlight on my brow bone
  • MAJELIER SLANTED BRUSH - to soften my eye brow after i draw it with pencil eye brow, to keep it last longer i always draw my eye brow with similar color of eye shadow to my eye brow with this brush.
  • SLANTED BRUSH (TARGET - AUSTRALIA) - love this the hair is so soft
  • DUAL SLANTED AND EYE SHADOW BRUSH - my favourite to apply gel or cream eye liner
  • GREEN MULTI PURPOSE BRUSH (GUARDIAN) - to put colour on my inner v (tear duct)
eye shadow applicator
As i write this down, it seems like my brushes is a lot. But believe it or not i used it all... my favourite is unbranded contour cheek brush because the hair is so soft and pick colour well, oriflame blending brush somehow the size does the job better than the other brushes, the body shop brush really love it for shading and blend the colour of blush on and bronzer on my cheek.


  1. madaaa did i really ask for it or you have a friend with the same name as me? btw you have a lot of great brushes! masami shouko belinya dimana sih :( i searched in centro and matahari in depok and couldnt find it :( only found tammia but only the brushes that cant be used like those little ugly sponge tips

  2. di matahari sarinah ada mak, n katanya di karawachi banyak. aku sih belinya di sogo PVJ, pas setiap beli diskon 20%, kalo di jakarta di sency aku liat cukup lengkap di debenhams, cuman hampir gak pernah sale 20%.
    mau aku cp in pas diskon (disini lbh sering diskon daripada gak-nya) wwkwkkw....

  3. :D thank you for the offer but not now deh say, btw emang berapaan itu sih brushnya? nanti diriku akan menghubungimu ketika rejeki sudah turun :D

  4. sip.. coba aja cari2 kalo lagi main ke sarinah, tp kurang lengkap sih disana. will gladly to help sesama "banci lenong" say... kabarin aja yah, btw eye brushes-nya cm 18-25 rb kok :) kalo face brushnya emang agak mahalan, which is nambah dikit udah bisa jajan di lapak jule ato beli cs sekalian (kalo ada yang buka PO) :D