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Saturday, October 29, 2011

(Edited) You're Invited to Costume Party, Dresscode? Humiliation a.k.a NORAK

One of my beloved organization is throwing away costume party in order to celebrating the anniversary, and the theme is "Back to Nature". At first i was like, what to wear hadaaaah..... Back to nature means, er.. WEAR NOTHING rite? LOL
Since there would be a lot of performance from every classes, my classes and several classes decided to join up and make a video as a wish and "ice-breaker" during the party. Yesterday, the shooting began. We decided to dress up for the video with 80's. VIVA 80's reminds me of colourful outfit and lots of layering. Remember Docmart, latex legging, Jane Fonda, ah... memories :D
And to make it more "worse" my colleagues told me that it has to be super duper "NORAK".

Sadly i love myself that much not to publish the whole look of me that day, don't have enough nerve to post it here *nail biting*. So i'm just gonna post the FOTD.

Still budgeted, still doing it fast and really long lasting :)

Sari Ayu Kenanga Moisturizer
Fanbo TWC in Gaharu

Upper lash : Sari Ayu duo eyeliner and mascara
Lower Lash : Target eyeliner in black (comes in a set with eyeshadow and everything) see the appeareance here

Wardah lip palette no. 33 (apply with finger)

Wardah lip palette no. 23

Oh yes, anybody planning on having or attending Halloween party? Would love to see your costume and FOTD, Happy Halloweeeeeen everybody ^^

Okay, answering from Puput's request. Here it is, the video... not the actual one.. just the one they captured at venue while it is played.

Me, the one with gold belt!

TO :
Top - One shoulder bling (the top looks like this)
Leopard Skirt (can't really be seen tho')
Black stocking
Rotelli heels

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Really Beauty on Budget

For the money savers out there.

I got the question a lot, how to do make up with less budget. And i really need to practice again after 3 month didn't do any make up at all on me either on someone else. I decided to do this post, anyway my friends already remind me about my absence on blogging so here you go...

The tips that i got from my own experience that i hope can help you guys figure it out.
  1. Know your skin type and choose the right skin care, make up is easier to applied on healthy skin
  2. Choose carefully for the foundation and match the shade with your skin tone
  3. Choose the decorative products on neutral color, and add some bright color to your collection. ex : you can get a nice neutral brown eyeshadow quad and can get some pink, blue or black eyeshadow to add in your collection. You can experiment on the color, but neutral always is the best choice
  4. Get yourself a good primer for face and primer for eyes.
  5. And remember less is more, you don't have to put on everything on your face while doing make up, if you go bold on eyes make sure you make everything else is light. 
I got 2 models, meet Melinda and Melan. Melinda asked for make up that Korean and Japanese looks like and Melan asked for more lady rocker look but not too gothic. Both asked for easy 15 minutes make up (of course budgeted). 

Sari ayu 25th year Eyeshadow Palette
Marcks loose powder in creme
Revlon shine control
Inez liquid foundies
Pixy liquid eyeliner (black)
Red A lipstick (nude)
Evanysenses waterproof mascara
ELF eyelash curler
Some random brushes (Majelier and Masami Shouko)

Didn't read any blush on and eyebrow pencil? Yes, i didn't use any. I used the lipstick and applied it like i applied cream blush, with finger and blend it. For the eye brow i use dark chocolate eye shadow and brush to applied them.



Only false lashes that missing in both of this look i think. If use false lashes the eyes will pop out.

Sweet Lips and Brushes (Haul)

I'm crazy about lips, as you guys all know that i'm a big fan of lip conditioner, lip balm whatsoever more than lipstick. I got mysefl 4 brand new of lip balm lately.

Top : Labello Pearly Shine ; Carmex Lip Balm
Bottom : Labello Light Kiss

And the other one that forgot to take the picture is Banana Boat with Spf Lip Balm ( This one is my favourite, and already used, gonna do the review soon)

Last but not least, i got myself Essence of Beauty travel set brushes.

Left : Face edition
Right : Eyes edition

I forgot how much they cost me, sorry but i got the balm around somewhere in Stephenplatz and the brushes is from my fellow FD member.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

(Long Posponed) Haulage

If food, maybe it's already "basi", but i just wanna share as i promised before about my haulage while in Europe, mostly chocolate, because i can easily get that in the supermarket hahaha...
I just had like 3 hours to shop, imagine... in the middle of summer sale, where the queue-ing was so long hmpftt.... T-T

Fresh from the Luggage

Supermarket version of Sacher Torte

yummu.. Clever chocolate

Chocolate from Slovenija

random chocholate i picked up somewhere

Bought these in Venice..

Mozart chocolate from Austria and Clever wafer

SHOESSS from Pixie, Zara and H&M (the right one is leopard folded flats)

Souvenir from Venice

H&M bags

Wine,champagne and beer :D
I tried to write down my expenses but on the third day i lost track :D *bad mee... bad me*
I got my mom lotsa stuff, umbrella from Venice with Venice's picture on it and some glass necklace and earring from Venice, also Elizabeth Arden cosmetics i got on Turky duty free shop. My dad and siblings got Antonio Banderas's Perfume and lotsa clothes. My loved one got 3 nice shirt from H&M and one belt and of course the liquor. My besties got H&M long dresses, and some of dear friends got chocolate and nice toiletries with super cute packaging.
Seems a lot huh? But i only spend like 150 euros for all of it, that including all my haulage on the top... everybody happy :D

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Hai ladies, you didn't think i went to Penang without something i got in my luggage right? I'm spending my cash on some products that i thought you guys might interested into.

Feel free to check on it HERE

Some already sold out in my hometown, and via BBM. So what you see is what you get, and please please help me earn some cash :)

Thanks darla, keep fantabulous ^^

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Personal Life Post

I've been away for like 3 month :(

I missed blogging, but been away for so long until i don't know what to post anymore. I've been behind from everybody.

Dear ladies, do you know and aware that nowadays there's a lot of disease that attack most of woman age around their 20-30 something? I didn't!!! Until my love's sister was very sick and got to be hospitalized for like 3 month. I didn't know it was that serious because i was still on my Euro trip last July, and we didn't stay in touch as much as we want to because of the lack of source i had there and my love's didn't want to bother me while i was concentrating on my competition back then.

Apparently, while i was gone, on early July she was hospitalized for few week because she had prolonged fever (up to 40-42 degrees). The doctor made lots and lots of test, and lots of diagnose also. She was claimed of Leukimia, and TB, and even some doctor said could be HIV. I was like, WHAT?

She went to 2 different hospital in Indonesia, and her husband decided to take her to Malacca for better treatment, but that didn't work out also. And one of the doctor reccommended a hospital in Jakarta (my friends suggest i better not say the name, afraid of Prita's case :D ) she was there for one whole month, and the doctor keep running test without a result and can you guys believe, they once misplace her medicine with other patient's medicine, i can sue them for that actually! There was a result - i really wanna kick the doctors there-, she was diagnose to had TB disease which make her had to drink the medicine for one year. As we all probably guess, she was getting worse than ever, she had fever everyday, until her skin is chappy all around her body, and her hair was totally red and grey because of the fever she had. To make it worse, she got a swollen heart and liver because of the medicine she took.

My love and i decided to discuss with the whole family and took her to Penang Island in Malaysia for many people has been well after they went there. And my father did has his treatment and several surgery there. I was running on and off from Jakarta, to Medan, to Penang accompany her and my love during this 3 months. I barely have no time to finish my thesis, but that the sacrifice i'm willing to make.

Miracle happened, after we went to Penang, in just 3 days she was able to walk and take a bath on her own. Her fever lowly gone and the doctor did run some test, apparently she got auto immune disease, and on her case it was nearly LUPUS.

What Is Lupus Disease
More FAQ for Lupus disease, can be found here

Those links above is courtesy of google

I apologized for many bad situation that may caused for i been away, such as some fellow FD friend, i think i still owe them some money because i've been away for so long and my package must be arrived long time ago. And to my dearest friends that been so worried about me and my love's family.

Long story short, she has to check up in few month to make sure her immune system is stronger. And now she is fine and happy with her 3 kids, but can't be in a stressful condition and has to do some diets.

There's no beauty without health, so stay healthy my fantabulous ladies.