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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Personal Life Post

I've been away for like 3 month :(

I missed blogging, but been away for so long until i don't know what to post anymore. I've been behind from everybody.

Dear ladies, do you know and aware that nowadays there's a lot of disease that attack most of woman age around their 20-30 something? I didn't!!! Until my love's sister was very sick and got to be hospitalized for like 3 month. I didn't know it was that serious because i was still on my Euro trip last July, and we didn't stay in touch as much as we want to because of the lack of source i had there and my love's didn't want to bother me while i was concentrating on my competition back then.

Apparently, while i was gone, on early July she was hospitalized for few week because she had prolonged fever (up to 40-42 degrees). The doctor made lots and lots of test, and lots of diagnose also. She was claimed of Leukimia, and TB, and even some doctor said could be HIV. I was like, WHAT?

She went to 2 different hospital in Indonesia, and her husband decided to take her to Malacca for better treatment, but that didn't work out also. And one of the doctor reccommended a hospital in Jakarta (my friends suggest i better not say the name, afraid of Prita's case :D ) she was there for one whole month, and the doctor keep running test without a result and can you guys believe, they once misplace her medicine with other patient's medicine, i can sue them for that actually! There was a result - i really wanna kick the doctors there-, she was diagnose to had TB disease which make her had to drink the medicine for one year. As we all probably guess, she was getting worse than ever, she had fever everyday, until her skin is chappy all around her body, and her hair was totally red and grey because of the fever she had. To make it worse, she got a swollen heart and liver because of the medicine she took.

My love and i decided to discuss with the whole family and took her to Penang Island in Malaysia for many people has been well after they went there. And my father did has his treatment and several surgery there. I was running on and off from Jakarta, to Medan, to Penang accompany her and my love during this 3 months. I barely have no time to finish my thesis, but that the sacrifice i'm willing to make.

Miracle happened, after we went to Penang, in just 3 days she was able to walk and take a bath on her own. Her fever lowly gone and the doctor did run some test, apparently she got auto immune disease, and on her case it was nearly LUPUS.

What Is Lupus Disease
More FAQ for Lupus disease, can be found here

Those links above is courtesy of google

I apologized for many bad situation that may caused for i been away, such as some fellow FD friend, i think i still owe them some money because i've been away for so long and my package must be arrived long time ago. And to my dearest friends that been so worried about me and my love's family.

Long story short, she has to check up in few month to make sure her immune system is stronger. And now she is fine and happy with her 3 kids, but can't be in a stressful condition and has to do some diets.

There's no beauty without health, so stay healthy my fantabulous ladies.


  1. duh...jd ikur prihatin saii baca cerita mu..
    memang rumah sakit di indo susaaah dipercaya ya..(>_<")

    btw aku pernah baca penyakit lupus bisa sembuh minum sari gamat...ga salah di majalah trubus..
    itu juga kejadiannya sama, lupus nya gak terdeteksi gara2 dokter oon...
    tp dicek kembali aja kebenarannya..hehe
    agak lupa2 jg...

    semoga cpt sembuh ya...God Bless her..:)

  2. ah.... thank you for the support dear.. *sobbing*